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Bibi Netanyahu
Photo by Raymond Hall

Bibi Netanyahu and Bed Gate

By Rhonda Spivak, June 15, 2013

Readers may be interested in knowing that there was a public outcry last month in Israel  following reports the Prime Minister Nrtanayahu's Office paid  500,000  Israeli shekel to install a sleeping cabin with a double bed on a plane taking Netanyahu and his wife to London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

Haaretz's headline read "Bib and Sara's flying Bed hits major turbulence"

In wake of  what the Jerusalem post referred to as "Bed gate" PM Netanayahu's budget was made public
The operating budget for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s official and private residences jumped some 80 percent from 2009 to 2012, according to figures made public following a request by the Movement for Freedom of Information.According to the organization, the information was provided – after months of requesting – just hours after the group petitioned the court.

The way I see it, Netanyahu has made a "bed" mistake, showing some "bed" manners.

Is it any wonder that Netanyahu has gotten a lot of "bed" press for his rather "bed" decision to expect the public purse to pay for the installation of a double bed for he and Sara?

 Clearly, the reclining seats weren’t good enough. It’s too bed, that Israeli planes aren’t like Air Canada planes which would have at least allowed both Bibi and Sara to have had separate completely reclining beds in executive class. This would have a been a single bed for each of them however-not a double.
You’d think that the price of a couple of sleeping pills would have been a "bedder" option than assembling a double bed for the couple.

If not, you’d suppose that by now a home-decoration type store would have designed some sort of fold out/ closet bed that should have cost $50. 99 and even if it only lasted for one night before breaking, it would have done the trick.

Camp Massad where I went to camp as a teenager used to have those folding cots with thin mattresses that I swear could have fit into the aisle of a Boeing 757. But perhaps my memory deceives me.

What about a good old fashion sleeping bag? Even a really high end one?

Another option, of course, would have been to leave Sara at home and just have her skyped in for the Thatcher funeral. In any event, I hope that when Sara landed in London she didn’t complain of having “bed head,” or a “bed hair day.”

On further reflection, maybe to make the money back , one day the double bed will be installed in the Israel Museum with a big sign “The Netanyahu’s slept here,” and people from around the world would pay to see it. It would be a good exhibit for a wax museum where wax figures of Bibi and Sara would be sculpted into the bed (designers would have to decide how the couple was to be positioned !).

Or alternatively, maybe the government could store the plane on a hilltop in the Galil with a nice view and open up a “Bed’N Breakfast.”

Do the Netanyahu’s have "bed"' manners in all of this-I’ll let readers decide.

As for whether Netanyahu deserves all of the bad press he got over this, it’s kind of difficult to feel sorry for him. As the saying goes, “He made his bed. Let him lie in it.”

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Rhonda Spivak, Editor

Publisher: Spivak's Jewish Review Ltd.

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