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April 14, 2016



Call For Nominations


Effective June 2016, there will be FOUR vacancies in the number of Elected Directors on the Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education (WBJE). The term for an Elected Director is three years. The WBJE may extend or condense the term for certain Elected Directors for the purpose of ensuring that the recommended slate consists of a similar number of individuals each year (pursuant to Article 8.1 of the Bylaws of the WBJE).




Pursuant to Article V(1) of the WBJE By-Laws, the WBJE approves  specific criteria to be met by candidates seeking to be elected to the WBJE. On November 0, 2015, the WBJE approved the following criteria for election of new Directors to the WBJE in June 2016.


Candidates must meet one of the following criteria approved by the WBJE for the 2016 election:


*Continuity of Board leadership and governance


* Experience in negotiations-in a union or association setting would be of key importance


* Strength and experience in community board leadership, especially in the area of finance


* Representation from the new Canadian population of a non-parent of a child in the school




On march 15 2016 the WBJE approved the following slate of candidates who meet the regular approval criteria and eligibility requirements * (Pursuant to article V(2)):


                               Sean Shore

                               Cindy Lazar

                               Bruce Caplan

                               Evgeny Gotfrid


Pursuant to Article V(3), other individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and approved criteria may file an application to add their name to the slate of candidates. Application forms are available at the WBJE office or by contacting Lisa Boroditsky, Executive Assistant at 
204 477 7425 or [email protected]


Completed application forms must be submitted to the WBJE office:

Attention Tracey Kasner-Greaves Chair, Governance committee\at A202-123 Doncaster Street no later than May 16, 2016.



* Candidates must also meet the following eligibility requirements set out in the By-Laws:


Article V(4)- only contributing members shall be entitled to stand for election to the Board


Article III(3)- A "contributing member" shall mean any person with a substantial connection with the Winnipeg Jewish Community of at least eighteen(18) year of age, who by the  1st  business day in February immediately preceding Election Day, has paid a  contribution of $18.00 or more to the Combined Jewish Appeal for its current campaign as well as made a donation of $18.00 or more to the Corporation`s endowment fund. 


Article V1(3)-All Directors of the Corporation shall be Contributing Members as described herein and shall not be, nor shall members of their immediate family be, employees of the Corporation.


Article V(3)(a)-“Immediate family” shall mean parents, spouse and children.

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