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Bill Narvey


by Bill Narvey, August 8, 2016


Expert Iran watcher, Omri Ceren, with The Israel Project (TIP)
 has given us a revealing snapshot of Iran's evil  over just the past 2 weeks. His website is worth a look. 
Of those with eyes who are not afraid or unwilling to see, they will be at least passingly familiar with what Ceren reports on Iran.  
They will also know that  at least since the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution when Khomeni and his mullocracy seized power,  whatever time frame is chosen to take a snap shot of what Iran is up to provides the viewer with  a window through which one can look to see the evil rot of radical Islamic hatred and intolerance of the non-Muslim world with Jews and Israel topping the list and with Christians and the Obama led West not far behind.
The EU members  of the P5+1 that made the nuclear deal with Iran, all saw in it ways to try to reverse or at least slow somewhat their economic decline and still hold onto their left wing economic models that were causing that decline in the first place.  
Russia and China saw in the deal both great economic and political opportunities.  
What benefit the UN saw in this deal is unclear, unless it was a way to rid that body of having to repeatedly spend time dealing with Iran's evil including its mendacity with baseless denials of culpability or cheating on whatever  and go through the motions to censure or sanction her with toothless sanctions? 
Obama saw in the deal a way to put one more notch in his legacy belt, but there was little to nothing in the deal for Americans. 
The Obama led P5+1 entered into this deal with evil Iran over the extreme objections, warnings and fears of not only Israel, but Western Arab allies such as the Saudis, the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, which fears included the prospect of having to face extreme prejudice from Iran and in Israel's case existential threat.
In the result, the Obama led P5+1 group in not seeing their interests beyond the tip of their noses, spit on their allies and embraced their enemy, Iran. 
The Obama and the P5+1 group of course had eyes before making the Iran deal, but willfully remained blind to Iran's evil and they remain willfully blind to Iran's evil treachery since.
If there was ever a deal that could be best described as a deal with the devil, this Obama led P5+1 -Iranian nuclear deal is it.  
What does that make Obama and the P5+1 leaders that made this deal?  Not hard to figure out at all.
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Rhonda Spivak, Editor

Publisher: Spivak's Jewish Review Ltd.

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