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'It is likely that Stalin’s Holodomor was an archetype of mass slaughter for Hilter’s Holocaust."

[Editor's note: Below is the complete most recent statement by Conservative MP Joy Smith dated March 7, 2011 regarding the content of the Canadian human Rights Museum. I have marked in bold the sentences I believe are the most significant. On February 24, 2011 MP Smith issued a statment which is reprinted in its entirety below after her March 7,2011 statment.

In the Feb 24 statement she says: "I am aware that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has committed to 12 permanent galleries including those dedicated to Indigenous Rights, the Holocaust, and Mass Atrocity. Currently, the Holodomor genocide is slated to have a permanent display in the Mass Atrocity gallery.

In that statement she concludes that "I believe the Holodomor genocide should be given a prominent presentation that is independent of the Mass Atrocity gallery. Providing a unique and prominent exhibit for the Holodomor will rightly expose the violations of human rights and restore the dignity of victims through the acknowledgement of their suffering. 



She also says in that stement :The Holocaust and the Holodomor were both black spots of history of humanity. Having both stories as prominent displays is imperative. Nations must learn so these tragedies will never happen again.


She also says, "I also believe the Ukrainian community should have a representative voice on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Canada boasts the third largest Ukrainian population in the world and our Parliament has officially recognized the Holodomor as a genocide. Thus it is appropriate that strong Ukrainian representation be present when planning a national museum about Human Rights.

From my reading of the Feb 24 statement  it is not clear  whether MP Joy Smith is saying that the Holocaust and Holodomer must get the exact same prominence (ie each getting a separate permanent gallery of the same size) or if there can be any differentiation between the two in terms of  the museum's plans (each getting a separate permanent gallery but of different sizes) .  In my view, her most recent statement of  March 7, 2011 st out below also does not make this clear. Presumably there would be different ways to give each of the Holocaust and Holodomer prominence. What is clear, however, is that MP Smith does not support the current plans that have the  Holodomer being part of the Mass Atrocities Gallery. 





Winnipeg, MB: With the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) scheduled for completion in the summer of 2012, Winnipeg is on the verge of being home to a world class museum on human rights. This museum will compel visitors to explore the topic of human rights and stimulate reflection, dialogue and a greater respect for all human beings.

In 2008, Parliament passed Bill C-42 which established the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as the first new national museum in Canada in more than 40 years and, with its Winnipeg location, the first to be created outside the National Capital Region. Our federal government committed $100 million toward the building of the museum and to the annual operating budget of this national institution.
Since I was first elected in 2004, I worked diligently to secure funding for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and its Winnipeg location. From day one, I have been a strong supporter of the CMHR and this support remains unchanged today. I also want to commend those who have been working hard to develop the vision and plan for the CMHR including the CMHR Board of Trustees, the Friends of the CMHR, and most notably Gail Asper.
Human rights are fundamental to the continuation of all societies. Understanding and visiting the grave abuses of our past permanently touches our souls and sparks a response in our hearts. This is the intrinsic value of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. As such, it is fitting that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights chronicles egregious abuses of human rights, especially the Holocaust and the Holodomor genocides.
The Holocaust stands out amongst the many human rights violations over the past century. It demonstrated the systematic and state sponsored killings of 6 million Jewish people including over 1 million Jewish children. Under Hitler, the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people was the result of a decade of Nazi policy, the “Final Solution.” The horrors of the Holocaust would lead to the international recognition and condemnation of the act of genocide.
It is important to note, however, that the Holodomor also stands out amongst this past century’s state sponsored acts of mass murder. Taking place seven years before Hitler’s Holocaust began; the Holodomor genocide set a horrific precedent of the targeted extermination of a specific population by a ruling state. Stalin’s Communist government engineered a famine to literally starve the Ukrainian people to death. It is estimated that between 7-10 million Ukrainian men, women and children, died watching as their own grain was exported to Communist Russia. Yet, the Holodomor genocide did not receive recognition because Stalin and Communist Russia hid this atrocity through denial and decades of disinformation. Nevertheless, it is likely that Stalin’s Holodomor was an archetype of mass slaughter for Hilter’s Holocaust. Hitler would have witnessed the silence in the wake of the Holodomor by the international community.
Today, throughout the world, we continue to witness terrible acts of brutality on targeted populations and races. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is of utmost importance for all generations of Canadians, for it will expose and unfold history’s human rights abuses and exhort us to prevent further abuse. Thus, the reality
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