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Phyllis Chesler


by Phyllis Chesler, posted November 15, 2011

Phyllis Chesler is an American writer, psychotherapist, and professor emerita of psychology and women's studies at the College of Staten Island (CUNY). To read more about here, click:

[Editor's note: This article below by Phyllis Chesler refers to a movie that will be screened that the Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism will be premiering in Winnipeg on January 5, 2012 .The film is about the contemporary deployment of Antisemitism against the State of Israel, entitled Unmasked: Judeophobia and the Threat to Civilization. The director, Gloria Greenfield, will be in Winnipeg for the screening. This article below first appeared  in Pajamas Media]

Dear Good Liberal People Who Are Unconcerned With Occupy Wall Street’s Naked Anti-Semitism,

I am writing to you about a “contagious” and dangerous plague of “hatred” that threatens the survival of the Jews, the Jewish state, and of all civilization.

Even if you are not Jewish, even if you do not support Israel, you should see Gloria Greenfield’s Unmasked: Judeophobia. This film directly concerns you. It is the visual antidote to this false hatred, which visually through the internet, in films, in the media, emblazoned on t-shirts and signs at every rally (no matter the topic) scapegoats Jews for the world’s every sorrow. The Big Lies against the Jewish people — really, blood libels — are perpetrated and paid for by the very people who are committing the most horrifying crimes against their own people and humanity as a whole.

I’m with Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, whose words open this compelling and important film: afraid. For example, I have been told that very few Jews went uptown to confront the three day hate-fest against Israel which went on at Columbia in preparation for Israel Apartheid week. However, many New York City Jews and human rights activists of all ages are visiting or helping the Occupy Wall Street activists in Zucotti Park, perhaps an idealistic group which has unfortunately and increasingly been inundated with the hardcore Marxists who often display anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish slogans.

Wiesel never expected to see the return of anti-Semitism in his lifetime — and with such a vengeance. Both Israel and America represent civilization at its imperfect but democratic best; both are universally “hated.” As such “hatred” escalates and “globalizes,” it invariably leads to pogroms, massacres, embassy and airplane hijackings, which in turn, are viewed as justified acts of “self-defense” against capitalist and colonial bloodsuckers, child killers, mass rapists, and racists.

Greenfield’s film carefully, patiently, artfully exposes and stands against this surreal increase in Jew-hatred (“Judeophobia”), and explains why it is a threat to Western civilization.

Unmasked presents 50 of the most sober, principled thinkers of our time – I am honored and humbled to be among them – all of whom understand that it is crucial to tell the truth about the massive misinformation campaign against the Jews and the West, and that we must do so with courage and boldness. We — and the filmmaker who is also the producer of The Case for Israel – believe that it is late, but never too late to do so. True, the demonization of Jews, Israel, and America has gone viral. Human mobs are “surging” across Israel’s borders and are “occupying” public spaces around the world in jihadic-like fashion.

Greenfield’s experts also understand that Jews are being blamed for the exact crimes committed by the Arabs and “Palestinians” against their own people and against the Jewish state.

At this moment in history, Greenfield’s on-camera talking heads are the witnesses for the defense. They explain that everything you have been told about the matter is demonstrably false, diabolically Orwellian, and dangerous to civilization.

One cannot stop watching the film. The music engages us, the manuscripts, lithographs, film footage, and stills are shocking, tragic, illuminating, beautiful, important, haunting. We have not seen many of these images before. Taken all together, they are entered into evidence. The amount of information packed into this fast-paced documentary is astounding.

For example, the film shows us medieval images of the Crucifixion, which visually remind us that until the Vatican “pardoned” the Jews in 1965, we were hated as Christ killers. And then there are the countless covers of that long-exposed forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (which was copied from a tract against Napoleon Bonaparte) — pamphlet after pamphlet, in German, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi — alleged proof that Judaism or Zionism is a powerful world conspiracy.


We see Yasser Arafat’s venerable ancestor, the mufti of Jerusalem, shaking hands with Herr Hitler. We see brave pioneers in Israel who, only three years after “standing eyeball to eyeball with death in Auschwitz” (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ words in this film), actually won the 1948 war of independence against seven Arab armies. We see Chaim Herzog, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations from 1975-1978, as he addresses the UN, describing it, presciently, as the “world center of anti-Semitism.” We see the iconic photo of a Jewish child and woman holding their hands up in surrender as the Nazis force them out of the Warsaw ghetto — and, we see how modern-day “Palestinian” cartoonists have turned the Jewish child into an Arab child wearing a keffiyeh; the formerly Nazi soldiers now sport Stars of David on their helmets.

We also see countless Nazi-era and contemporary Muslim cartoons in which Jews are portrayed as vulture-like child killers, big nosed greedy bankers, disgusting octopuses, and disease-spreading vermin. This anti-Semitism is not learned from the West. It is indigenous to Islam. In fact, Muslims forced Jews to wear distinctive dress and insignia many centuries before the Nazi era. If this startles you awake, wait for what’s coming next.

Unmasked then shows us the Parisian mobs (left

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