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The Avalon Tapestry

Durstein Austria

Jewish Quarter, synagogue Prague

Central Budapest Hungarian Parliament
image by Jeff from

How about Taking a Jewish Heritage River Cruise -Budapest- Vienna - Nuremberg-Prague this November?

By Kathy Taylor-Hallick , June 15, 2012

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to go on a cruise that  will take in beautiful scenery, Jewish Heritage sites, history, and culture along the Danube River.This 13 Day Jewish Heritage River Cruise will begin in Budapest on October 29, 2012 and finish in Prague on November 10, 2012.
You are invited to  join Travel Consultant and Recreation Specialist Kathy Taylor-Hallick as she escorts a group aboard the Avalon Waterways MS Tapestry. Kathy has had a number of years of experience planning successful cruises and holidays for members of the Jewish community of Winnipeg, and looks forward to hearing from you.

In Budapest you will be staying for 2 nights at the Superior First Class Intercontinental Hotel . You will then travel along the Danube River for 7 nights to Nuremberg, Germany. Following a day of touring in Nuremberg you will be taken by motorcoach to Prague where you will stay for 3 days before embarking on your flight home. In Prague you will be staying in in the Superior First Class Hilton Hotel. At both these hotels a Buffet Breakfast will be included. 
The itinerary and Jewish Heritage sites on this voyage are as follows:
Day 1:  Arrive in Budapest, Hungary. Check into your Intercontinental Hotel.  For the remainder of the day you are  free to explore Budapest (cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,  with  extensive World heritage sites,  including the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes' Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest in the world.)
Day 2:  Your will tour the Jewish Museum with its visual historical overview of Jews in Hungary. The Jewish Museum was built on the site on which Theodore Herzl's house of birth once stood.The museum is part of  a complex with The Dohány Street Synagogue, (the largest synagogue in Europe), the Heroes' Temple, the graveyard,  and the Holocasut memorial.  Dohány Street itself, a leafy street in the city center, carries strong associations with the  Holocasut as it constituted the border of the Budapest Ghetto.
You will also tour the Budapest Great Museum, the second largest museum in the world.
Day 3:   Enjoy a morning of leisure. Transfer to and board your River Cruise Vessel – The Tapestry.
Day 4:   Relax and take in the views and scenery along the shores of the Danube.
Day 5:  Arrive and enjoy the art, music, history, culture  and rich architecture of Vienna, Austia. Vienna,  with its Baroque castles and gardens, grand buildings, monuments and parks,  is regarded as the City of Music and also said to be The City of Dreams because it was home to the world's first psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud.
Day 6:  Participate in a guided walk in the town of Durstein, Austria.  Visit the baroque Stiftskirche with its blue facad. Visit the Benedictine Abbey and one of the world's most famous monastic sites, and enjoy a wine tasting in Melk.
Day 7: Participate in a walking tour of Passau, a town in Lower Bavaria, Germany,here the Ian, Ilz and Danube Rivers meet. Visit Linz, Austria’s third largest city.
Day 8;   Arrive in Regensberg one of Germany’s best preserved medieval cities, containing many buildings of exceptional quality that testify to its history as a trading centre and to its influence on the region from the 9th century. A notable number of historic structures span some two millennia and include ancient Roman, Romanesque and Gothic buildings
Tour the well preserved ruins of a three year archaeological dig in the Neurfarrplatz, the square used for the Christmas market.
The findings from this archaeological dig are  preserved as a museum called Documents Neupfarrplatz.
* Castra Regina, the Roman Military Camp founded by Emperor Marcus Aurelius in 179 AD
* Regensburg’s Medieval Jewish Quarter which had been torn down and replaced by a church after the town expelled Jews in 1519
Day 9:  Arrive in and visit Nuremberg. 1935  Adolf Hitler specifically ordered the Reichstag to convene at Nuremberg to pass the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws which revoked German citizenship for all Jews. Between 1945 and 1946, German officials, who were perpetrators of the Holocaust and other war crimes were brought before an international tribunal in the Nuremberg Trials in the Palace of Justice . Nuremberg was extensively damaged by Allied air raids during WWII. Much of it has since been restored to its original style. 
Here you will also visit Terezinstat concentration camp (also referred to as the Terezin ghetto) in the Czech Republic. Tens of thousands of Jews were murdered there and over 150,000 other Jews (including tens of thousands of children) were held there for months or years, before then being sent to their deaths on rail transports to Treblinka and Auschwitz.
Day 10:   Disembark your River Cruise Vessel and board a motorcoach for Prague in the Czech Republic via the Bohemien Forest.
Day 11:  Visit Prague a 1,000 year old city preserved in time, straddling the Vltara River with domes, cupolas, spires and pinnacles dominating its skyline.
In  Prague you will visit the Old New Synagogue,  is Europe's oldest active synagogue and the Museum of Prague founded in 1906. Some of the museum buildings include Prague’s Jewish Quarter which were damaged in 2002 floods and all the main historical sites in the Jewish Quarter. It is said that the body of Golem (created by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel) lies in the attic of the synagogue where the genizah of Prague's community is kept. A legend is told of a Nazi agent during World War II broaching the genizah, but who perished instead. In the event, the Gestapo apparently did not enter the attic during the war, and the building was spared during the Nazis' destruction of synagogues.
Day 12:  You have a free day to visit Prague on your own.
Day 13: Your vacation ends this morning.
During your cruise you will be treated to the fine dining of Avalon Waterways for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. This also includes the following:
* Complimentary sparkling wine with breakfast
* Complimentary soft drinks with lunch
* Complimentary and unlimited wine, beer or soft drinks with dinner
* Welcome Captain’s Reception
* Farewell Dinner
* Free Bottled Water
* Free specialty teas, coffees etc.
If you have further questions or want to book this interesting and exciting holiday please contact Kathy Taylor-Hallick at (204) 771-7434 or you can always email her at
[email protected]
Don’t wait too long because the ship has only 64 staterooms and they are selling quickly. If you can’t make it for this year you can ask Kathy about the 2013 Jewish Heritage River Sailing.

To learn more about the crusie ship, the Avalon Tapestry Cruise ship, click here:
The Avalon Tapestry is a new type of ship for river cruising, offered exclusively by Avalon Waterways on the English-speaking market.

Contrary to other vessels on the rivers today, the navigational bridge is located in the stern, behind the passenger section, thereby allowing for more spacious and gracious interior designs. The lounge and restaurant, located in the front of the vessel, give unimpeded views on three sides of the passing river landscape. The Sky Deck is a vast area for sunning, taking your pictures, or just relaxing!

The Avalon Tapestry provides a complete break from the pressures of every day. The public rooms are elegant, and the dining room is extra spacious. The cuisine and wines on board will surpass your expectations. Pampered by our crew, our guests will make new friends and enjoy the casual camaraderie that leisurely cruising creates. You unpack only once, then enjoy life by lazing on the Sky Deck as timeless landscapes pass before you.

Avalon Tapestry features the Silent Drive System (SDS) created to enhance guest experiences. SDS features ship engines located at the stern, separating it from the passenger compartment, allowing for a quieter cruise experience than traditional small ships.




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