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Michael Kuttner

A Recipe For Peace and Understanding?…writes Michael Kuttner

by Michael Kuttner, March 12, 2013

Repreinted with permission from:

The Israel Resource News Agency in Jerusalem recently commissioned a documentary on the subject of education in UNRWA schools. In an explosive exposure of what is really happening behind the scene in these places of learning, the full extent of hate education being carried out in these schools is revealed.

The subject of delegitimisation and denigration combined with the continuing campaign to promote the return of millions of Arabs to towns and villages in Israel which in many cases no longer exist is one which media and politicians alike steadfastly refuse to take seriously. They would prefer to wallow in the illusory dream world of an Islamic and Arab world dying to make peace with Israel and live in tolerance and harmony with those who do not acknowledge Islam as the one and only true Faith.
All this is bad enough but when your money is being used to aid and support an organisation which is complicit in furthering the aims of those whose sole desire is to eliminate the Jewish presence in Israel, then it is time to wake up and make waves. Some important questions need answering:  How many people know what it is exactly their money is being used for? What sort of accountability is in place to ensure that the aid given to UNRWA is used for purposes of a humanitarian nature rather than incitement to hatred? Why is UNRWA still being funded when it is perpetuating the refugee problem rather than solving it? Is it not time for these political pawns against Israel to be resettled either in their host countries or in other countries willing to absorb them? Why have their numbers multiplied from 500,000 to over 5 million? Most importantly of all, why does an agency of the UN which has outlived its usefulness, not transfer the problem to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the one and only organisation designated to deal with refugees worldwide? In other words, is it not time to treat the Arab refugees in the same way as every other person in the same situation?
This documentary lays bare in stark reality the poisonous agenda against Israel and Jews being incubated in UNRWA schools. This is without doubt the most troubling and dangerous aspect of a subject which has been ignored over many years. Finally and at long last we have first hand confirmation from the educators and administrators of the education system concerned, that in fact hate education is alive and well and being promoted as part of an official syllabus. If any more proof is needed, just listen to the words of the young and not so young pupils whose minds have been corrupted by this ongoing campaign of contempt. As you listen to their outpouring of hate, ask yourself how on earth the seeds of peace and brotherly/sisterly love can flourish in such barren minds, devoid of any vestige of truth or fact. Here is the next generation being prepared for a future which at best is illusory and at worst lays the ground for terror, murder and mayhem.

After 65 years of feeding on lies, mirages and hate, the victims of misery who have been kept homeless by their own leaders ever since 1948, can now look forward to another generation being nurtured with the same hallucinations. Perpetual victim hood may make fantastic headlines with a gullible international community but it will not resolve the problem. UNRWA is a leading player in the continuation of this situation and bears a heavy responsibility for the consequences. The Palestinian Authority, which is touted as our “moderate” peace partner and its President, Mr. Abbas, whose term of office expired some years ago and whose doctoral thesis questioned the extent of the Holocaust, need to be challenged about the hate education taking place in UNRWA schools. Instead we have a deafening silence. It is not only the media and donor nations who are silent but also Jewish leaders who should know better. Listen to the torrent of clichés and worn out phrases which will be pouring forth during the forthcoming visit of the Obama road show. The advice we have to endure on a daily basis from such experts as Baroness Ashton and William Hague whose sanctimonious double standards is bad enough. They are ably abetted by Jews in the Diaspora who do not have to live with the consequences of their “aitzes” and by Israeli Jews who will never learn from the disastrous consequences of previous attempts to appease those who hate us.
Will this latest video convince these individuals that something is rotten? Most probably not, as previous attempts to shine the light of reality failed to shatter the delusions of those who do not want to see and hear. Therefore it is up to the wider community to do something. Look at this video and if you feel outraged, circulate it to all your friends and colleagues. Send it to MP’s and Senators as well as friends in the media. It is only by retrieving this subject from under the carpet that we can we hope to tackle the insidious spread of hate against Jews and the Jewish State.
Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and works for The Israel Resource News Agency in Jerusalem.


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