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Bibi Netanyahu photo by Raymond Hall
Photo by Raymond Hall


March 18, 2015




In the final hours of the election campaign, Netanyahu said that there would be no Palestinian state under his watch. 


“The goal (of avoiding a binational state) stands,” he said in his interview with the Times of Israel on Friday, days before the election, “but in the current circumstances in the Middle East, any territory that you vacate will be used for an armed Islamist state against us. That’s exactly what happened in Lebanon. That’s what happened in Gaza. And since the Arab Spring that’s what’s going to happen exactly in the West Bank — in Judea and Samaria — if we vacate territory.”


 A day before the election, Netanyahu told the NRG Hebrew website, “I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state today, and evacuate areas, is giving radical Islam an area from which to attack the State of Israel.” When asked directly whether no Palestinian state would be created under his leadership, the prime minister replied: “Indeed"



The New York Times has written that given with " Netanyahu's last minute turnaround against a  state alongside Israel several administration officials said that the Obama administration may now agree to  a passage of a  UnitedNations Security Council resolution "embodying the principles of a two-state solution that would include Israel's 1967 borders with Palestine and mutually agreed swaps of territory... Such a Security Council resolution would be anthema to Mr. Netanyahu. Although the principles are United States policy, until now officials would never have endorsed them in the United Nations because the action would have been seen as too antagonistic to Israel."


My gut is that Netanyahu will somehow have to square the circle and in future  will 'adjust' his comments re a two state solution to leave open the possibility of a Palestinian state in the future,  if he needs to so in order to avoid such a Security Council resolution. I venture to say that he will find a way to tip toe through the raindrops in order to prevent such a resolution, even though I do believe he really does not see any Palestinian state on the horizon. When he "adjusts" his position to affirm the principle of  a Palestinian state, many of his voters will not be pleased and his zig zag will be noted, but they will live with this, (maybe even  he'll announce  new housing in East Jerusalem at the same time. He'll be pragmatic enough to make this adjustment.In the meantime, notwithstanding he was referred to by an unnamed Obama administration official as "Chickenshit" according to Jeffrey Goldberg in in a recent article in The Atlantic,Bibi Netanyahu has won four elections and could  become the longest serving Prime Minister of Israel ever. As of now, he is second only to David Ben Gurion. 

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