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Jon Orlikow , Michael Kowalson and Gail Asper crush grapes at Mona Lisa's Wine festival.
Photo by Rhonda Spivak.

Mona Lisa's owner Joe Grande in Red Toga at the wine festival.
Photo by Rhonda Spivak.

David Asper, Michael Kowalson and Marty Morantz at the event.
Photo by Rhonda Spivak.

Orthodontist Bruce McFarlane and assistants.
Photo by Rhonda Spivak.


Orlikow , Kowalson and Asper in Large Vat Together To Crush Grapes

By Rhonda Spivak, September 21, 2010

What kind of shoes does one wear to stand in a large vat and crush grapes ? The Winnipeg Jewish Review posed this question to  Gail Asper at the  at  Mona Lisa Restaurant’s Stomping For Human Rights Wine Festival on September 16.

Asper who joined Michael Kowalson, John Orlikow and Joe (Giuseppe) Grande, the owner of Mona Lisa’s in a large tub filled with grapes replied,” “I didn’t wear shoes. You go barefoot to crush grapes. But I did make sure to get a pedicure last week ,”said Asper, who noted that the only other time  in her life she has crushed grapes barefoot is “at last year’s Stomp Wine Festival.”

This may be the last time that Winnipeggers see Kowalson and Orlikow with arms around each other, as Kowalson’s campaign to unseat rookie Orlikow for a City council seat in River Heights is in full swing.

After stomping on grapes, Asper also successfully bid at the live auction on a two night stay at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. The Resort has an indoor/outdoor Geo-Thermal Mineral Pool, Sun Tree Spa and other attractions. The two night stay was donated by Shelter Canadian Properties Ltd., Arni C. Thorsteinson, President.
Many of the visibly happy guests at the event, along with  host Joe Grande, were wearing Roman togas, and  their spirits weren’t at all dampered by the rain outside which at times began dripping through the outdoor tent, located outside the restaurant.

Grande said, “Last year we raised over $28,000 and this year I anticipate we will raise atleast that.”  There wasn’t a seat in the house of the packed restaurant, as well as the tent outside and Grande noted “we had close to 80 volunteers helping put the event on.”

“Most of the musicians also volunteered their time,” he said.

Both Martin Morantz, the Conservative Candidate for River Heights and Incumbant Liberal Jon Gerrard were present, and mayor Sam Katz made a visit also. Morantz successfully bid on a  necklace for his wife Lisa (donated by Epsilon Creations). Kowlason was the successful bidder on an Apple iPad for his partner Alix Kravetsky.

The Winnipeg Jewish Review also spotted Dr. Bruce Kettner (the dentist of Leah and Dov Corne), which reminded this reporter that her children are both due for a fall check-up.

In the course of the evening, the Winnipeg Jewish Review met Dr. Bruce McFarlane, an orthodontist with offices on 2-1190 Taylor in River Heights who bought a table for the event. Everyone at McFarlane’s table was dressed in a toga and Dr Bruce, as he was referred to by everyone at the table, spoke of  “wanting to give back to the community.”

“This year, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, McFarlane is organizing another mission, this time to Haiti between  March 19-26, 2010. The Dental Team will be made up of participants of Dentists, hygenists, assistants and dental students.  The medical team will be comprised of Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical/nursing students. Anyone wanting more information can contact Dr Bruce at [email protected].

Dr Bruce will also be having a major fundraising event on November 26 2010 in Winnipeg.

Participants agreed that Stomp was a fun way to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

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Rhonda Spivak, Editor

Publisher: Spivak's Jewish Review Ltd.

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