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David Greaves's Protexia Helps Charitable Organizations Take Their Fundraising To the Next Level - Bob Freedman, is Senior Consultant

December 16, 2015



After 10 years of service to Winnipeg’s Jewish community as a professional fundraiser, David Greaves launched a new business venture, Protexia in 2014, to help charitable non-profits achieve and exceed their fundraising objectives.


After having worked at both the Jewish federation of Winnipeg and Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Greaves felt "very fortunate" to have had the opportunity to turn his passion for community into a rewarding career experience for a decade. "I have developed outstanding relationships, deepened my connection to Jewish community life, connected on a very meaningful level with the people and the land of Israel and learned a great deal. I am grateful for the experience and also for the mentoring I received from both CEOs, Bob Freedman and Marsha Cowan over those 10 years" he told the Winnipeg Jewish Review.


Greaves has teamed up with his former boss, Bob Freedman, the former CEO of the Jewish Federation of 28 years, who is a senior consultant for Protexia. ( One of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with a team of people that share your vision and goals," Greaves says, which is why he is especially pleased to be teaming up on a few projects with Freedman. "Bob is a seasoned and dynamic professional with an immense amount of experience in Fundraising. Bob was very much involved in the development of the Asper Campus and the capital campaign that raised $25 Million to support that community initiative. To bring him onboard was a ‘no-brainer.”


Greaves, who has led project-based fundraising initiatives, and specialized in new donor development and endowments, says that if one looks at the non-profit landscape, there are many charitable organizations, especially small to midsize organizations in both the Jewish and general community, who will not be successful unless they succeed in fundraising. "There are many non-profits who need assistance in messaging, becoming relevant and vying for the dollars of donors, and yet, there are relatively few professionals out there who specialize in advising and assisting charities in developing effective strategies to reach and exceed their goals. And, having 6 years experience in the annual campaign arena and an additional 4 years working in the endowment setting; two very different donor conversations, I feel that I have a unique perspective that will be helpful to the organizations I am working with. "

"Protexia can help freshen up an annual campaign, develop a strategy for a capital campaign, assist in launching an endowment fund, strategize for planned giving, promote ways to engage donors, and enhance donor recognition," Greaves explains.


On the subject of endowments, Greaves notes "Increasingly, charitable not-for-profit organizations are talking about endowment funds – how to launch them and how to grow them." He encourages "Making endowment and planned giving a part of your routine." "The challenge that many organizations face is how to designate resources to endowment campaigns and programs without compromising current fundraising needs – especially when deferred giving will not bear fruit for years," he says. "Organizations driven by annual campaigns often have difficulty shifting gears when it comes to thinking about deferred gifts. The fact is, though, estate and other planned gifts earmarked for endowments will often be more significant than cash gifts made today. The importance of nurturing an endowment program cannot be underestimated. The hard facts are that many organizations are finding it more difficult every year to raise more money. And as long-time, top supporters age and pass away without endowing their gifts, their philanthropy becomes more difficult to replace. Endowment options allow your leading donors to leave a lasting legacy while providing a permanent revenue stream for your organization. An organization needs to have patience and foresight to recognize that 10 or 20 years from now and beyond, the work they do today to canvass for the promises of planned gifts will yield very important dividends."


Greaves says his first client was the Jewish Heritage Centre, where he was involved in their annual fundraiser, which was "very successful last year", and he has been contracted again for 2016 to assist in their rebranding and marketing campaign as well as to lead their fundraising initiatives.


"My goal is to work hard with a handful of clients and have real impact," he says.”


B'nai Brith Camp has just contracted the services of Protexia to project-manage and lead a major capital campaign for the camp. 


"The camp is aiming to raise several million dollars over the next 1-2 years.” BB Camp recently sent out a press release to its constituents advising them of an upcoming spring campaign announcement.” Greaves notes.


For the BB camp project, Greaves has teamed up with Bob Freedman, saying he and Freedman are thrilled to be involved in this key project for Winnipeg's Jewish Community – "Right now Protexia is leading the first phase of the camp's development plan. BB developed a site plan a couple of years ago. We are now putting a team together to develop the overall project," Greaves says, noting that as of yet they have not hired an architect, or contractor for the project, but a marketing firm has been engaged. The camp is also thrilled that Carrie Shenkarow and Murray Gilfix, both past chairs of the BB board have agreed to co-chair the capital campaign.


"We will be shining a light on the importance of summer camp in cementing Jewish identity for the next generation. The BB Camp capital campaign is an investment in Jewish continuity and the future of Winnipeg 's Jewish community,” Greaves says.


While Greaves says there will likely be other projects where Freedman will act as a senior consultant for Protexia, Freedman won't be working with him on all projects,


"I have opportunities outside of the Jewish community Greaves says, but notes that he will ensure he doesn't spread himself out too thin by taking on too many clients at one time. "I am most grateful; my phone is ringing and I have numerous opportunities. People are interested. I may need to bring in other additional consultants to meet the demand in the future," he says.


Greaves already has his first "international client". The London School of Jewish Studies, whose chief executive is former Winnipegger Jason Marantz. "The school is in its 160th year and fundraising is on the shoulders of senior staff. Since we began last May we've made some great headway," Greaves says, noting that he is able to easily communicate at no cost with Marantz and his team in the UK through Skype and email.


Jason Marantz has been quite pleased and notes, “As a Jewish Education charity, we rely on fundraising to raise 80% of our operating budget. David helped us by ensuring we had the correct systems in place to make our fundraising efforts more manageable and effective.  He advised on the best way to share what we do with others and suggested ways of making us more efficient fundraisers and even more enthusiastic educators. The result of his efforts means that we are skilled up, more efficient and more effective at what we do.”




Over the past year, Greaves also has worked with Strauss Event and Association Management on the production of events such as the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg's Words and Deeds dinner honouring the Asper Foundation and family this past September and the recent Gray Cup Gala. "I have been assisting on some production work with Strauss, primarily for some of his not for profit clients. I’ve learned a lot from Jonathan this past year; he is a phenomenal leader and businessman. In the future, some of my clients may need some of the services that Strauss offers and potentially Strauss clients may need some fundraising advice, something that Strauss does not focus on. I anticipate crossing paths many times with Jonathan Strauss and the professionals in his company.


Greaves says that he likes being self-employed.

“Although I am self employed, I still answer to my clients. In some ways it’s like having many bosses. The dynamics however of working with many different clients and being able to work on projects that I am most passionate about is incredibly rewarding. It’s been an amazing year and the next looks even better.”


Prior to his career in the philanthropic sector, David worked in technology sales in Calgary and in Winnipeg. He is also the founding member of the Israeli Bobsled Team and competed internationally for 3 years. He is the current president of the Israeli Bobsled and Skeleton Federation.


He is married to Cantor Tracy Kasner Greaves, and their two children; Nesya and Aaron attend Gray Academy of Jewish Education,


Visit Protexia’s website at: you can also follow Protexia on Twitter @protexiacanada or at


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