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Hart Peikoff

How far away is my wellness day?

By Hart Peikoff

I’ve got a lot to say today
No ones around to listen anyway
People ask you what you think
But really all they want is another drink

Awakening from a deep slumber
Makes one often wonder,
Where have we been before this illumination?
Probably somewhere between a problem and a train station

It’s so terrific finally figuring out which way is left
But if the bottom line be known, still awake and more deeply slept
I have known deep inside what one must do
The bricks which blocked my way kept me buried in dark blue.

It began one day when somehow I saw a crack of light
I was invited in the door by some miracle which was labeled right.
Instead of moving on with blind faith towards the white light of peace
I found my solace in a bottle which produced my passion for the release

The way home was offered this mortal soul often hearing it in heartfelt wonder
And like the pasts of many pasts before I slipped back into my deep slumber
No one can do it for you no matter what one thinks
We diseased individuals seem to often slip and return to what stinks.

I am here to tell you straight out without doubt
When you finally look in the mirror with total honesty you will turn about
And even thought the road ahead is full of pain and slips
Finally you shall find all the wisdom from long lost quips.

Being high on life itself is the release which cannot be found through anything temporary
You are inching towards the only space station offering you a constant state of merry
Each day after you have given it you’re all
You are rewarded daily with peace however small

And what is totally mind blowing
Is one awakes each day and continues growing
And the miracle of wellness embraces the whole of you
You now sit in amazement as you have found what is really true.

Remember every waking moment the insanity you have recently parted from
Do the world a favor including yourself and go give to others some
For when you pass it on to many more
The universe allows you to keep what you just scored---the good life.

This was created today July 14, 2009, by hart peikoff. This was one of those reflective days.

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