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Remembering Carol

Nov 1, 2012

Thank you for capturing the Carol that we all remember!

Gayle Charach

Re In memory of Carol Leszcz

Nov 1 2012


Hi Rhonda, I just read what you wrote about Carol. Very well written, very moving. Exactly how I remember her. SO SO SAD.

Nancy Kelin

Avrum Pollock posted WJR link on Facebook -Re In Memory of Carole Leszcz

Nov 1, 2012

Avrum Pollock :

For all the Winnipeggers/Massadnics who live away from Wpg and had the pleasure of knowing Carol, please see this announcement. Baruch Dayan Haemet.

Helen Friedman-not a massadnik, but a very fortunate person to have known Carol. may she rest in peace

 Marty Goldberg - I enjoyed chatting with her this summer in gimli - the world is a poorer place without Carol.

Jeffrey Ross -oh, I am so sad to hear this. may her memory be for a blessing.

 Andrea Rubinfeld Levy -So sorry to hear it...may she rest in peace

Michael Nepom -So sad, I knew she was battling Leukemia and as a survivor myself, I was hoping she would win the fight.


Joel Katz -Very sad.


Lana Lipkowitz -To all Carol's friends and family I am deeply sorry for her loss. Carol was so very kind and funny, a real mench. She will be missed.

Bubbie Elaine Sommer - Carol was a great teacher to many of my grandchildren. We all loved her.My thoughts are with the family at this sad time

Marcy Rappaport -Huge loss to her family, her friends, and anyone who knew her.


Readng the Winnipeg Jewish Review in Peru

November 1, 2012

Hi Rhonda: how nice to be reading my emails while in Peru. I have been
travelling thru out the country and it was fun to read about what's happening in

Ruth Carol Feldman

In Memory of Carol Leszcz

November 1, 2012



I too could see the images you recalled of Carol all around Camp Massad. You have written a beautiful piece about Carol and it is so very true that we have lost an amazing human being "far too early". Carol had a huge positive impact on me during my years at Camp Massad and in fact, for me, Carol was Camp Massad.
Carol, your warmth, kindness, creativity and general bonhomie will be missed by us all, but your impact on so many will keep you animatedly alive in our collective memories.


Thank you Rhonda for putting in print what so many of us are feeling and thinking about our dear dear friend.


Marla "Snarla" Vittera Binder

Re: In Memory of Carol Leszcz

Nov 1, 2012


That was a beautiful article you wrote about Carol. Thank you. I'm writing my response to you with tears in my eyes. I just came back from sitting Shiva this afternoon at Carol's home. Yesterday I went to her funeral. I would rather have been crossing the shetach at Camp Massad with her.
Thank you so much for bringing back those wonderful memories.
Sophie Tapper

Re Article by Daughter of Holocaust Survivors

November 3, 2012


I need the article on the holocaust survivors daughter it is up on the web right now, but I can't get it to print ?.

Could you email it to me, with her contact information if possible. (Or send her mine)

I'm doing a major speech on survivors, from mybook The Binding, and I'm working on one about daughters. As usual, when you start writing, things fall in you path.


Can you help?


Brenda Barrie
Author of
  • "The Rabbi's Husband"
  • "The Binding"
Order through AMAZON.COM -- enter entire book title in quotation marks

Schechter Day School Network and Rabbinical Assembly come together to talk about outreach to and inclusion of intermarried families

4 Nov 2012 


NEW YORK  Last week, a group of rabbis gathered at the Jewish Theological Seminary for a dialogue on the topic of Keruv (Outreach), Conversion and Intermarriage. The October 25 gathering was jointly convened by the Schechter Day School Network and the Rabbinical Assembly. This program is an example of increased collaboration between the two organizations to support the work of day schools.

Most of the gathering’s participants work in Schechter day schools. Our rabbis welcomed the opportunity to engage with colleagues from schools across the Network about issues that touch the lives of students and prospective students and their families,†remarked Dr. Elaine Cohen, Schechter Day School Network Director. “They share a commitment to help more Jewish children attain a deep and sustaining relationship to Judaism through intensive day school education. With children from inter-married families, our work moving forward entails cultivating a strong relationship with parents and engaging with them on their Jewish journey.â€
Consensus from the meeting was that it would be beneficial to work together to frame the schools’ admissions policies to include welcoming language inviting families to engage in an open conversation about their aspirations for their children’s Jewish education. The rabbis expressed their commitment to conversion according to the standards of Conservative Judaism, as the ideal for our keruv (outreach) to these families. They agreed that once a child is enrolled in a Schechter school, the ritual aspects of conversion should be treated as a celebration and affirmation of the commitment that the family has already made by choosing a day school education. Best practices include providing a school professional, such as the rabbi or social worker, to support families from the time of their application to the school throughout the child’s Schechter experience.
“The rabbis delved into the complexities Schechter schools face pertaining to keruv, which they encounter with greater frequency than in years past,†remarked Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Assembly. “They shared a number of success stories and ways that they support parents and work with them to reach the desired result of deeper family embrace of Judaism alongside conversion of the child, where necessary.â€
Among the challenging questions that the group discussed were:

  • What is the optimal timeline for conversion after admitting a child who is not yet Jewish to the school?
  • How can the school reconcile its desire to include more families and children in Jewish education – and in turn, grow enrollment – while at the same time ensure preservation of the standards of Conservative Judaism?
  • What are the best practices to engage the school’s leadership team to ensure a cohesive and coherent approach to keruv?
  • What can the Schechter Network do to engage a wider group of school leaders, including lay leaders and heads of school, in the conversation about keruv?
  • To what extent is it beneficial for the schools to exercise autonomy on this issue and in what ways would they benefit from clearer guidelines and standards for Schechter schools across North America?
  • How might the schools reach out to Reform rabbis and their congregations in respectful dialogue about these issues?

Follow-up activities will include drafting recommended language for admission applications to the schools and holding focus groups of professional and lay school leaders to consider “mission appropriate†practices. All agreed on the need for training to welcome inter-married families to the school community within the parameters of each school’s mission.

The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative rabbis. Since its founding in 1901, the Assembly has been the creative force shaping the ideology, programs, and practices of the Conservative movement, and is committed to building and strengthening the totality of Jewish life. Rabbis of the Assembly serve congregations throughout the world, and also work as educators, officers of communal service organizations, and college, hospital, and military chaplains. More information is available at

The Schechter Day School Network is a voluntary membership organization that provides resources and support to affiliated day schools across North America. It resides at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. More information is available at

Thank You

29 Oct 2012

Dear Editor at the Winnipeg Jewish Review,
Thank you so much for your kind words and for publishing my piece "Polish Jewish Author: On Transmitting Family Trauma to the Next Generation - Born and Raised in Poland I assumed my mother's Holocaust burden"

by Suzanna Eibuszyc, October 29, 2012

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Please glance at a project in full swing.

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"We Bring Generations Together"

Please LIKE MAZELTOV.COM on FB and share it with all your friends,
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Thank you,
Suzanna Eibuszyc

Jews in Germany-An uncomfortable Existence

October 24, 2012

What a great article. I am US Christian gentile. This is such an eye opener and so full of insight. I totally enjoyed reading it for the enlightening which it brought forth to me. I am a total supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.

Michael Payne

In Memory Of Carol Leszcz
October 31, 2012


You captured some great memories of Carol at Massad. I had the chance to see Carol at the Massad 60 reunion and am so saddened by the news.

She most definitely left her mark.

Stephen Kushner

Re: Jewish Vote in Ohio : Perspective from an Ohio Jew

Nov 1, 2012

I read with interest your articles about the vote in Cuyahoga County, Ohio and the Jewish vote. Not only have I read these in their original formats in the New York Times and the other publications mentioned, but I also heard Roger Cohen speak at Park Synagogue in Cleveland this past Saturday. He was much more circumspect in person than in his article. You are correct in suggesting the Jewish vote is fluid. The majority of Jews in Ohio will support Obama but there are also Independents (neither Democrats nor Republicans), with strong connections to Israel, who won't support him.

We don't outwardly identify ourselves with the conservative side for fear that our friends would act like we've taken leave of our senses. However, we know we are not alone and can honestly state that there are more of us than Roger Cohen and the Democrats want to acknowledge.

I asked a friend who is a life-long Democrat: "If the Democrats ran a yellow dog for president, would you vote for him?" The answer is he most certainly would. Many Jews have strong feelings for Israel but they are able to rationalize their non-support for Romney by citing social values as their primary allegiance.
Carole Faiman

interview request, re: Nathan Jacobson, from the Toronto Star

 Wed, 31 Oct 2012 

Hi Rhonda,

 My name is Josh Tapper; I'm a reporter at the Toronto Star. I'm wondering if you have a few minutes to talk about Nathan Jacobson, who I understand is a friend of yours. He's in a bit of legal trouble right now and it would be great if you could speak to his character and his philanthropy. My contact info is posted below. Can we talk today? 

Thank you and all the best,
josh tapper * reporter, toronto star

Elections in the Ukraine

October 31, 2012



We had the opportunity to serve as international observers at last Sunday's elections to the legislature of Ukraine, specifically in two of the more troublesome regions of Ukraine: Kharkhiv and Donetsk. Also, we observed in Kyiv on the district level on the following two days. Our reactions were mixed, but mostly positive. It is our considered opinion that Ukraine made some significant progress since last year's local elections as well as the presidential tally of 2010.

Perhaps, the reason for this generally positive review is that the electorate in Ukraine over the years has matured to a level of sophistication that exceeds many of the traditionally democratic societies. In fact, the maturation process has been arduous because of the numerous impediments set by the ruling and financial elite intent on acquiring or retaining power. The electorate includes not only the some thirty million voters, but the voter-officials who were charged with the duties of carrying out the process on the local precinct and district levels.

 In places witnessed by us, it seems those local officials have been trained and hardened by negative experiences to such an extent that they approached their latest duties with a strong will and remarkable dedication to prevent any hint of fraud. Furthermore, the wide party affiliation that comprised the local and district commission members bordering on the ridiculousin one Kharkiv precinct a Women’s Solidarity Party representative served as secretary while in another, the Anarchist party representative chaired the local committeeensured that myriad interests were represented. Commission members followed the law painstakingly even though sometime their understanding of the law was misapplied. In the past they were hostile to international observes. This time they welcomed them.

Attempts to defraud, manipulate and influence are inevitable in any election where the prize is significant. In Ukraine, legislative membership, aside from altruism, carries much personal benefit including but not limited to immunity from criminal prosecution. Certainly Ukraine's latest round had its share of such attempts. However, the preponderance took place in the time up to the elections during the campaign phase. Unequal access to media is a common complaint in democratic societies and Ukraine was certainly worse than western democracies. After all the ruling party controls and influences the media in Ukraine through various channels not limited to financial control and intimidation. Abuse of administrative resources was another troublesome area. Officials in governmental control often lavished financial benefits upon their society which inured to their own personal welfare or that of their party colleagues.

However, Election Day was not marred by egregious fraud. Sure there were attempts to stuff the ballot utilizing the “at home” ballot, but in most instances the precinct commissions caught on in advance. Some unregistered voters attempted to procure a ballot and vote, but were turned away in most instances. The polling precincts were sometimes a little too inconspicuous, with entrances on the side and no Ukrainian flag. Nevertheless, voter participation was a healthy 58%, not the typical 90% common to authoritarian societies, but more than the less than 50% which has become the norm in healthy, but lazy democracies.

Who won and lost is not the issue. Certainly Yanukovich and his party together with their allies did not achieve what they had hoped. On the other hand, the democratic opposition can consider this election more than a moral victory. Still much depends on allegiances and the non-affiliated deputies whose favor will be the subject of improper and outrageous bidding. We all know how easily those are bought and sold in Ukraine.

The big winner here is Ukrainian democracy and the Ukrainian people. Surprisingly, many of the other western observers assessed the process in uncertain terms, but falling short of the model. We suspect that for people from Chicago or even New York, like ourselves, the model is not without its own blemishes. Chicago, until very recently urged its electorate to vote early and often. In New York, the model was less outrageousa mayor, who was termed out, simply changed the NYC Constitution without referendum and then proceeded to buy the electorate with overwhelming money. Campaign finance reform is a reasonable democratic safeguard needed not only in Ukraine.

The international community needs to look at Ukraine objectively. Sure, Ukraine’s President is a thug. But at least in this one instance, he stepped back and allowed what Putin and the like would never permit. The democratic international community should continue to monitor Ukraine on human rights, and insist on the release of opposition leaders. However, failing to acknowledge that the most recent election in Ukraine was substantially free, although not entirely fair, compromises the West’s credibility.

October 31, 2012Askold S. Lozynskyj


Adrian I. Dlaboha




The writers served as international election observers from the Ukrainian World Congress/Ukrainian Congress Committee of America mission.

Irwin Cotler Statement in Parliament - City of Montreal - Raoul Wallenberg - Friday, October 26, 2012


26 Oct 2012

Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, yesterday, in a landmark ceremony, the City of Montreal bestowed honorary citizenship on Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish non-Jew who save more Hungarian Jews in four months than any single government and whom the United Nations has called the greatest humanitarian of the 20th century.

The incredible heroism of Canada's first honorary citizen, recognized also at the inauguration of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre's Education Week, included: issuing Schutzpasses, diplomatic passes conferring immunity on their recipients and which saved some 20,000 Jews alone; establishing protected safe houses, which saved 30,000; and, in his most memorable rescue, causing Nazi generals to desist from blowing up the Budapest ghetto, saving 70,000 Jews in this act of heroism alone, and showing that one person can make a difference, that one person can confront evil, prevail and transform history.

It was an honour to join Mayor Tremblay, city councillors and Holocaust survivors, such as Agnes Kent, herself saved by Wallenberg, as we note another important moment in Hungarian history, the 56th anniversary of the uprising against Soviet totalitarianism.

Raoul Wallenberg combined the courage to care with the commitment to act, inspiring us all in the struggle for justice, peace and human rights. May we honour his humanitarian legacy.

Subject: Roger Cohen's Reporting--Looking Back:Roger Cohen's Remarks at J Street re Iran

October 26 2012 

Letter to the Editor:

I just read your article about Roger Cohen's blunders regarding Iran. He seems to belong to those journalists who live by the proverb: whose bread I eat his song I sing.
I know Cohen from his days as an American Jewish correspondent abroad lauding the new Germany.
When I wrote to him in October 1999 in response to his gushing reports from Berlin to tell him about my personal experiences in the former Nazi state and those of many other Jews who lived there, he sent me an inappropriately cranky e-mail.
Cohen clearly does not report factually and has his personal opportunistic interests and agenda at heart rather than the pursuit of journalistic ethics and truth in reporting.

Aliana Brodmann

Re: Comment for Article on Posters

26 Oct 2012

Hi Rhonda,

I need to write up and submit the story by tomorrow (Thurs, Oct 18) and really need a fresh perspective for it. Can you please e-mail me your thoughts (or, if preferable, let me know what time is good to call you and at what phone number, for you to tell m your thoughts over the phone) about this story (i.e. do you see it as anti-Semitic; do you see it moving toward legal action and/what do you feel needs to be done about it; are you concerned about the safety of those named in the poster; has anything new happened since you received the anti-Semitic e-mail; and/whatever other thoughts you might have on the subject)? Please let me know either way ASAP. Thank you and best regards,

-Rebeca Kuropatwa

Editor's response: Sorry-didn't see this until after the dedline.

Re: Antisemitic Email

October 17, 2012

 Hello Rhonda Spivak,

I am a reporter for CBC French news in Winnipeg. I would like to speak with you about this email you received that looks antisemitic.

 Would you be available for an interview this morning?

 You can call me back on my cell phone  



Karine Morin
Editor's Response: Yes, am available:

Hello from Boston

October 15, 2012

You may know my work as an author since I wrote most of Children of the Holocaust in Canada and interviewed people from Winnipeg but I am now also an epublisher!
Plunkett Lake Press ( is devoted to retrieving and making available online the best of books by and about Central European Jews.
They're priced for students and can be bought by readers all over the world on Kindle or Nook. We have so far published much of Stefan Zweig's non-fiction, Egon Erwin Kisch, and Eva Hoffman, as well as my own books and the wartime radio broadcasts of Jan Masaryk (with a preface by Madeleine Albright) , the biography of Franz Werfel and Tony Heilbut's Exiled in Paradise, about the generation of writersand artists who fled Nazi Germany and wound up in Los Angeles in the 1940s. Here's an article (in English) that was written about us for a Praguewebsite:

We hope to hear from you and would be happy to being interviewed by email,

All best

Helen Epstein

Re: Antisemitic Email

October 14, 2012

My name is Dan Grummett, weekend anchor with Global Winnipeg.I’m looking to get in touch with Rhonda regarding an anti-semitic email reportedly sent to her recently. Please give us a call. We like to do something on this. 204-978-8545
Dan Grummett
Global News

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