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Bog River - Sat April 14 - 7:30 PM coffee house

March 30, 2012

Subject: Bog River 7:30pm Sat.  Apr.14   Coffee House
The Grant & Wilton Coffee House presents:
 Bog River in Concert:
Ben Hadaller, Carly Dow, Dave Barchyn

 Saturday April 14, 7:30pm

1077 Grant and Wilton, in Temple Shalom hall  -  across from Grant Park Shopping Centre
Doors open at 7:00pm,   Tickets $10,   Tel: 488-0207
includes Coffee/Tea & a Munchie.
Bring friends & family for a coffee/tea, a munchie (included) and come for an casual evening of excellent music.  For later, stay for an  interactive music session. The magic comes from everyone bringing  their own spark - who knows how hot it will be!
Fun, Set to Music
Phil Spevack, Partner - 488-0207
[email protected]
David Au, Partner - 885-4245 [email protected]

The Grant & Wilton Coffee House
Temple Shalom 453-1625 (weekday mornings)
1077 Grant Avenue at Wilton
ps: please set your calendars for:
 Apr. 28 - Flo & Arun Chaturvedi
 May  12 - Amy Bishop
 Jun.  2 - Jane Enkin


In response to Dr. Catherine Chatterley’s "The Holocaust was not an Interfaith Experience"

March 25, 2012

To Rhonda Spivak, Editor of The Winnipeg Jewish Review

I would like to applaud Dr. Catherine Chatterley for her courageous and corrective essay in response to the Dachau exhibit, which has been promoted as a kind of "interfaith experience," focusing on the fact that victims of Dachau were "of many faiths" and so deflecting from the larger truth that only Jews were victims of the Holocaust. Her forthright denial of this claim—"The Holocaust was not an Interfaith Experience"—is as refreshing as it is rare in the current climate of cowardly conciliation. Dr. Chatterley is honest and unapologetic in her defense of the uniqueness of the Holocaust and brilliant in her accurate encapsulation of its history. Her essay clearly reveals her commitment to truth, her deep compassion, profound knowledge, and her dedication to education on—and so to the elimination of—antisemitism. We should all be grateful to Dr. Catherine Chatterley for sharing her keen insight and understanding in this essay and for the important work she is doing as an educator and as the director of The Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism.

Penny Jones Square, Winnipeg

B'nai Brith Canada Congratulates Thomas Mulcair on NDP Leadership Victory

26 March 2012 

Toronto, March 26, 2012 - B'nai Brith Canada has extended its congratulations to Thomas Mulcair on his selection as        leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP).

"We extend our congratulations to Thomas  Mulcair on his decisive victory in the NDP leadership race and to the        NDP for selecting its newest leader," said Frank Dimant, CEO of  B'nai Brith Canada. “We look forward to continuing to work closely with the NDP on behalf  of the Canadian Jewish community. We also commend all of the leadership candidates for their efforts during the campaign.

"We are pleased that the NDP has selected an  ally of the Canadian Jewish community and a supporter of the Jewish        State. We look forward to a well-thought-out platform on Canada-Israel  relations and a strong voice in countering the anti-Israel rhetoric that all too often emerges among ill-informed Canadians.

“Mr. Mulcair has maintained a strong relationship  with B'nai Brith Canada throughout his seasoned political career and we        look forward to continuing our efforts with the NDP, and especially  with Mr. Mulcair, in jointly addressing the pressing social issues that   B’nai Brith Canada is intrinsically engaged in, such as affordable  housing, senior care and Alzheimer’s treatment."

For more information, please contact Aaron  Rosenberg, Communication Officer, at (647) 227-4404.

B’nai Brith Canada has been active in Canada  since 1875 as the Jewish community’s foremost human rights agency




In memory of the victims of the March 19, 2012

anti-Semitic terror attack in Toulouse, France



The League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada and Congregation Shaarey Zedek Synagogue invite you to a ceremony in memory of the victims of Toulouse. The memorial will be led by Rabbi Alan Green on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. in the Chapel of the Synagogue, 561 Wellington Crescent.


All are invited.



For further information, please contact Sharon Apt at the B’nai Brith office at

487. 9623 or [email protected]

2012 Call for Submissions for the Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards

19 March 2012

Freelance writers wishing to apply for the book or magazine award can submit their work from Monday, March 12, 2012 until Friday June 15, 2012 at 5 PM PST.

Information about the criteria for the awards is set out in the Call for Submissions and can be found at

The separate book and magazine awards recognize excellence of writing and research in the area of social justice writing and also provide support for independent freelance writers during the publishing process.

The Book Award for 2012 has been increased to five thousand dollars. Thanks so much to our generous donors.

If you have questions about  the Call for Submissions please call Shirley Dunn at 1.403.259.5689 or e-mail [email protected]. If you do not receive an answer within twenty four hours, please contact Brent Gushowaty at [email protected] or phone him at 1-604-727-8437

Statement on the Death of the Toulouse Killer

23 March 2012

 Toronto, ON – On Thursday, Mohamed Merah died after a gun battle with police, following a 32-hour standoff at an apartment in Toulouse. Merah is said to have admitted to the murder of seven in the Toulouse area, including a Rabbi and three young Jewish children.

 In response to today’s events, David Koschitzky, Chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, released the following statement:

 “We are gratified that French authorities have acted with diligence to put an end to this sadistic individual’s campaign of terrorism. As reports have revealed, the killer was inspired by a virulent anti-Western ideology, which included but was not limited to a murderous hatred of Jews.

 “It pains our community to know that those murdered at the Ozar HaTorah school were targeted for one reason: they were Jews."

 For more information, contact:

 Steve McDonald

Associate Director, Communications

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

[email protected]



23 March 2012


Last year, before Rabbi Yonatan Sandler returned to his native Toulouse, France to teach in the Ozar Hatorah School, he taught ninth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem?s "Naale Zion" program for French immigrants. Although the Boys Town work was required for Rabbi Sandler to receive a teaching certification for his upcoming job, he invested a great deal of time and effort to give his best to his Boys Town students. Stunned and saddened by the murder of Rabbi Sandler and his two toddler-age sons at the Toulouse school, his Boys Town students paid final homage at the rabbi?s funeral. "He was a wonderful teacher, and he was quite determined to make a contribution to Jewish education in Toulouse," recalled Natan Encaoua, 16. "We all tried to talk him out of going. But when we reminded him how dangerous it is for Jews in France, Rabbi Sandler told us, „I must return there. I must give back to the community that gave so much to me.?" Rabbi Shimon Abiker, head of Boys Town?s Na?ale Zion program for French immigrants, noted that Rabbi Sandler was a brilliant scholar who was greatly admired by his students. "He took his work here extremely seriously, intent on honing his teaching skills so that he could succeed in teaching Jewish youngsters in Toulouse." Once the news of the brutal murders of Rabbi Sandler, his sons, and the seven-year-old daughter of the school?s principal became known at Boys Town, the French students were gripped with grief and worry. "Around one-third of our students are here alone, with their parents and families still in France," Rabbi Abiker explained. "And 100% of our French students have family and friends there as well. Nearly all of them have been victims of varying degrees of anti-Semitism while they lived in France, and they are quite worried about their relatives there. Page 2

"We gathered the students immediately after the Toulouse attack, and then again in the afternoon and the evening," Rabbi Abiker said. "It?s still very hard for them to express their feelings, but we?re trying to give them as much support as we can." For 11

th grader Eliezer Lavie, who is from Toulouse, the attack was devastating. "Eliezer knew the principal?s daughter quite well, and he is in shock," Rabbi Abiker said. "A tragedy of such huge proportions is almost inconceivable." "The situation for French Jews is a terrible one," echoed Encaoua, who immigrated to Israel 18 months ago. "They live in constant fear of Arab attacks, and the government does nothing. These latest murders will make life even harder for those who want to enrich French Jewish life and education, like Rabbi Sandler tried so desperately to do." Beautifully situated on an 18 Acre campus in the Bayit Vegan suburb or Jerusalem, Boys Town Jerusalem is a middle school and high school with 850 students currently enrolled. Opened in 1948 as a trade school, Boys Town Jerusalem has now graduated more than 6,500 students with a wide-ranging curriculum in general studies, Jewish and Torah instruction and the most current level of training in high technology. Boys Town Jerusalem sets the standard for high school education in Israel.


March 22, 2012

 To the Editor,

 Just a brief note of appreciation and thanks for your diligence in sending  The Winnipeg Jewish Review to my mailbox on a regular and continuing basis....Too often time goes by and one simply does not find the time to catch up on some of these important issues....thank you again!

Raj Subedar

SAVE THE DATE: Eichmann Trial Events at United Nations

March 23, 2012

The UnitedNations Holocaust Programme partners with the State of Israel
to observe the 50thAnniversary of The Eichmann Trial

"With Me Here AreSix Million Accusers: The Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem”
Exhibit Opening and Reception

Thursday, 19 April 2012
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Visitors Lobby, Gallery C

Israeli Minister Yossi Peled, Holocaust survivor and retired General
Micky Goldman, Holocaustsurvivor and member of the Israeli Police Bureau 06
Tami Raveh, lawyer and daughter of GideonHausner, the trial’s Chief Prosecutor

RSVP by 16 April 2012
Register onlinehere  or email
[email protected]

“The Trial of Adolf Eichmann:50 Years Later”
Roundtable Discussion
Monday, 23 April 2012
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
ECOSOC Chamber, North Lawn Building

The event will examine the trial’s influence on society and on justiceand accountability in the 21st century. An interactive discussionwith the audience will follow the speakers’ presentations.


Israeli Minister Yossi Peled,Holocaust survivor and retired General
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, Holocaust survivor and former journalist whocovered the Eichmann trial for The Forward
Amos Hausner, attorney andson of Gideon Hausner, the trial’s Chief Prosecutor
Deborah Lipstadt, Professorat Emory University and author of The Eichmann Trial


Moderator: Ramu Damodaran,Deputy Director for Partnerships and Public Engagement, Outreach Division,United Nations Department of Public Information


RSVP by 16 April 2012
Register onlinehere or email
[email protected]

Re Elliot Leven's Article on WJT's production of Tony kushner's Angels

March 22
To the Editor,
I am writing a response to Elliot Levin’s view that the WJT should have produced the Tony Kushner play Angels In America ( Part 1).I strongly disagree. I am a defender of free speech and do not support any form of censorship. However it is not a right but a privilege to have your work produced by a theatre company. In the case of a Jewish theatre company it is my view that the preservation of the Jewish people and the state of Israel overrides any theatrical piece of work. Tony Kushner is an enemy of Israel in a time of rising anti Semitism in Europe, and North America. This is in addition to centers of hatred in other parts of the world such as Iran, and Venezuela to name a few. Kushner’s play would not be shown in many counties of the world and his sexual orientation would not be tolerated and may even result in imprisonment. In Israel he would be free to live as he likes. His work has been shown by other companies in Winnipeg and may be done so again.It is my hope that these considerations will be made in the future when choosing plays to be shown at the WJT.I also believe that the showing of th eplay gave the WJT an opportunity to inform audiences with a disclaimer as to the articles written re: Tony Kushner's views about Israel.Truly an opportunity lost

Raffle for Jets Jersey that has been signed by 4 Jets players

March 19,2012

 Due to the overwhelming success of  Gray Academy's last Jets Raffle, the Graduating class of 2012 will be raffling off a Jets Jersey that has been signed by 4 Jets players in support of our grad. Raffle tickets cost only $5 and can be found after school at the PAC office or by contacting any Grade 12 student. The winning ticket will be drawn on Tuesday, April 3rd. Just think of all the wonderful things you could do with an autographed Jets jersey! The possibilities are endless! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to support Gray Academy's graduation and win an awesome prize!


Winnipeg Jewish Community shares the grief of French Jews

March 19, 2012 

French media have reported that a shooting outside a Jewish school in Toulouse France left at least four people dead on Monday morning. French authorities report that the shooter opened fire at the entrance to the OzarHa'Torah school, and then chased students into the school building. One adult and three children have died, and five others were wounded. A seventeen-year-old is reported in critical condition.

French policehave not excluded the possibility that this appalling crime may have been committed by the same person who was responsible for last week's murder of French soldiers in Toulouse and Montauban.

DavidKoschitzky, Chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, made the following statement in response to the shootings:
"The Canadian Jewish community shares the terrible pain of the families of thevictims of the massacre at Ozar Ha'Torah. This crime is all the more grotesque because the murderer targeted children.

"We are confident that French authorities will do everything necessary to identify and bring to justice those responsible.”

For further information, please contact:
Steve McDonald
Associate Director, Communications
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
[email protected]

CIPAC Condemns Driveby Killing of Jews in Toulouse, France

19 March 2012


Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign


 Dear Friends,

 CIPAC condemns today's wanton, unprovoked slaughter of innocent children and teacher at a Jewish school in France. We also pray the injured recover fully and the families of the victims and the whole community be comforted.  France has the largest Jewish population in Europe (600,000).  This incident shows the need for vigilance on everyone's part and points to Israel as an ample, safe refuge.

Richard Hellman





The Ronald Reagan Building

1300 Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. 700

Washington D.C., 20004-3024

[email protected]





March 19,2012 

Liberal Justice and Human Rights Critic Irwin Cotler today condemned the recent series of attacks in France which have claimed the lives of a Rabbi and three Jewish schoolchildren, in addition to three French-North African paratroopers.

 Said Cotler, “These tragic and shocking events – motivated by hate – are unacceptable and represent attacks on communities, thereby diminishing their sense of security and belonging. We must all stand in solidarity with those targeted, and support efforts to bring the perpetrators to account.”

 Added Cotler, “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, as well as with the people of France during this time of national mourning. The international community must remain vigilant in condemning racism and hate wherever they occur.”

 Contact: Office of the Honourable Irwin Cotler, MP, PC, OC


Subject: offer of rebuttal to UNRWA address at Harvard

Feb 24, 2012

 To the Editor, please see letter sent to Harvard University:

Dear Ms. Ivanova,

Greetings from Jerusalem.

 The Center for Near East Policy Research focuses much attention on UNRWA, including news articles , movies, investigative studies and a recent book, all of which critique UNRWA policies.

 United Nations  Palestinian Refugees Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) will provide an address to the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Harvard University  on March 1st, 2012 as mentioned in your press release:

 Will the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies afford our center the opportunity to dispatch an expert to present the other side: a professional critique of UNRWA policies?

David Bedein
Center for Near East Policy Research
Beit Agron International Press Center
Suite 105-106
37 Hillel Street
Jerusalem 94581 Israel
tel. +972-547-222-661
fax. +972-2-623-6470


March 1, 2012

What happened to Finklestein could it be the arab spring??????

After Goldstone, perhaps we have a trend??/

 Zelda Harris

Tel Aviv

Re: Who Stole My Religion ?

March 14, 2012
To the Editor,

 My newest book, Who Stole My Religion? Revitalizing Judaism and  Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal Our Imperiled Planet, has just 
 been published. You can read the eBook version  (which has the  advantage of having the pictures in color) by visiting, and clicking on the download box. The book, which was written with  Breslov Hasid Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, is meant, among other things, to  be a wake-up call to Jews to apply Jewish values to help avoid  impending climate, food, energy, and water catastrophes. While it  argues strongly that Jews should be vegetarians (and preferably vegans), it is completely independent of Jewish Vegetarians of North  America (JVNA).
 The book discusses many controversial topics so I do not  expect you or anyone else to agree with every position in it. However, 
 it is very positive on Jewish teachings and aims to start respectful dialogues that will help to, among other things, reduce antisemitism, further peace efforts in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and help  shift our imperiled, conflict-filled world to a more compassionate,   humane, just, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable path.
 Further information is below and can be found, along with other valuable information about the book, including questions and 
 answers about it and how one can order the print or Ebook versions, at

 Please let others know about the book and please let me know  of others whom you suggest that I should send the link to the eBook to 
 and of suggestions you might have about promoting the book and its  challenging messages.
Many thanks, and kol tuv,

Richard Schwartz, Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island

 Chapters include: Introduction: Who stole my religion?> Is Judaism a radical religion?>
> Should the Holocaust be a spur to action?> Are There Ways to Reduce Antisemitism?>
> Should Diaspora Jews speak out about Israeli policies?> How can we seek peace for Israel?>
> How should we respond to bias and hatred toward Muslims?> Which economic system is most consistent with Jewish values?>
> What foreign policy is most consistent with Jewish values?
> Should Jews be environmental activists? Should Jews be animal rights activists?>
> Should Jews be vegetarians, or even vegans? Should prayer inspire activism?
> How can we revitalize Judaism?

AIPAC Welcomes Decision by SWIFT Board

March 16, 2012

Crippling Sanctions on Iran Still Needed

WASHINGTON — AIPAC welcomes yesterday’s announcement by the European Union and the SWIFT Board to cut ties with blacklisted Iranian banks. We applaud the work done by Congress and the administration to press the Board to restrict bank transfers from these Iranian banks and increase the international sanctions campaign against the Islamic Republic for its ongoing pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

This welcome step must now be supplemented by additional measures to press the regime to change course. Time is running out to impose further crippling sanctions on Iran before it has a nuclear weapons capability, which would dramatically escalate Iran’s challenge to America’s national security and our interests around the globe.

We urge the Senate to pass the Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Human Rights Act (S. 2101), spearheaded by Sens. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Richard Shelby (R-AL). The legislation imposes tough new sanctions on Iran and targets sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s human rights violators. We also urge the administration to vigorously enforce sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank included in the National Defense Authorization Act.

Consistently ranked as the most influential foreign policy lobbying organization on Capitol Hill, AIPAC is a bipartisan American membership organization that seeks to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel.  For more than 50 years, AIPAC has been working with Congress to build a strong, vibrant relationship between the U.S. and Israel. With more than 100,000 members across the United States, AIPAC works throughout the country to improve and strengthen that relationship by supporting U.S.-Israel military, economic, scientific and cultural cooperation.


251 H Street, , Washington, DC 20001

RE: Advertisment by Bnai Brith in The National Post

8 March 2012,

Dear Editor,

This is with respect to the ad/article published in your publication which compared Ahmadinejad to an Iranian King, while distorting the historic facts.

The Name of King Ahasuers, only appears in the mythic stories that was compiled by a Roman story writer and has no archeological or historical bases. The Old and New Testament has different relation to the Ahakhamenid and Iranian dynasties. This name has nothing to do with real Persian script that refers to the King  Xerxes  that appears in Old Persian history pronounced as Xšayarša.

Islamic republic of Ayatollahs is not comparable to any part of Iran's history back into 2500 years. Purim is a tradition, a story that has no archeological proven fact. Most experts believe it was a Hellenistic novel written by someone familiar with Persian Court System.

The current issues of 2012, or some unresolved diplomatic problems, whatsoever, does not concern Iranians as whole, with their past history. Thus every nation may have some good or bad manners in short period of time.

Pre-Islamic Iran always had strong relations with Jewish communities as early as 9th Centuries Before Christ.

Cyrus the Great sealed that good relationship with his famous human civil rights decree and subsequent kings followed his path. Jews were often used as buffers against Arab invaders. The Jews were settled in Achamenid Military forts as well as part of Iranian foreign policies.

"The famous 1st century Jewish sage Rashbi, forced to go into hiding for criticizing the Romans, said "if a man saw a Parthian (Ashkanian) horse tethered to a gravestone in Palestine, he should listen for the footsteps of the Messiah."

Also Khosrow II Parviz conquered Jerusalem in 614 (when he also took the True Cross) and for a period of time there was a Sasanid Jewish Commonwealth created because of Iranians.  Prior to that, the Romans had crushed Jewish rebellion in the region abolishing their hegemony.

The same is thought in most American and international universities.

The historic assistance of Iranians toward Jewish communities does not end in first century or 2000 years ago.

During WW II an Iranian Charge D' Affair, residing in the Iranian Embassy Paris, France, issued Iranian passports to over 1000 of Jewish families, so they could escape from Nazi German Auschwitz.

During infamous Arab-Israel conflict back in 1973, where All Arab Oil producing countries banned business with the state of Israel only King of Iran (Shahanshah), despite being member of OPEC, decided selling OIL to the state of Israel. That endangered Iran in neighboring borders with Arabs and other fundamentalist Muslims states.

Such insulting, untrue advertisements, based on hatred, cannot be justified where as some Jewish communities may are mixed-up, and confused with a bunch of irresponsible states man occupying Iran's governmental seats at the present time.

This Regime of Ayatollahs is not permanent, they are the result of some kind of International conspiracy, and their time is up, they will be over throne by the people of Iran, such temporary episode should not ruin over 3000 years of Iranian-Jewish relations.

It is not right approach if one comparied Mr. Benguiron with Al-Qaeda leader, Osame Ben Laden, thus that would be comparaison between Apple and Orange.

We in the Iranian community, think that your paper and the organization owes an apology to the entire Iranian nation.

Although the article is published as an ADVERTISEMENT, but where is the faire journalistic  ethic? Therefore, please publish this short information to rectify the wrong doing.

 [email protected]

Iranians around the world

CC: Minister of Foreign Affairs- Jerusalem/Tel Aviv

CC: Minister of Foreign Affairs- Ottawa, Canada

CC: Bnai Brith

CC: winnipegjewishreview

CC: Radio Israel

CC: White House, Canada PM, and some over 30,000 more recipients

Editor: I agree with you that there certainly have been times in recent history  when the State of Israel and Iran were on much friendlier terms i.e. before the fall of the Shah of Iran. And you are also correct that Iran sold oil to Israel. There have also been significant periods of positive relations between Iranians and Jews. Let us hope that those days will return again soon.

 In fact, I am in the middle of reading Michael Totten's prize winning new book "The Road to Fatima Gate", where he writes as follows ( pp101-102):
 "Virulent hatred of Jews was never a strong force in Persion culture. Before Khomeini overthrew him, the Shah had excellent relations with Jerusalem. And why shouldn't he? Most Persians,just like most Kurds, were reluctant to side with their ancient Arab foes against Israel or anyone else. The Arab-Israeli conflict after all, was between Arabs and Israelis, not Mulims and Israelis. It was also more specifically, a conflict between Sunni Arabs and Israelis.
"The Islamic Republic did their damnest to change this, no doubt for  sincere reasons, but also becasue it served them stratigically. They wished to be hegemons of the whole Muslim world, and they couldn't achieve that without first dominating the Arab world of the Middl eEast. That  wouldn't be possible if they were allies with Israel. Iran's alliance was a serious liability and had to be scrapped...
"The Iranian message to the Arabs, Amir Taheri explained in his book The Persian Night, was straightforward. "Forget tht Iran is Shia, and remember that today it is the only poer capable of realizing your most cherished dream, the destruction of Israel...
"...The Iranians needed credibility with Sunny Arabs if they wished to lead the  Middle East ..

Boyoctt of Lavan Store in Vancouver

To The Editor,
March 5, 2012,
Please see the letter below sent re: boycott at the Lavan  store in Vancouver that sells Israeli soap.
Orli Avior and Anne Shalom, Israel

Subject: Boyoctt of Lavan Store in Vancouver

Hon Mayor Robertson

I have read of an appalling demonstration outside a shop in Vancouver.  The proprietor, who sells Israeliproducts, has been hounded by anti-Israeldemonstrators, and with anti-semetic connotations, i.e. shouting HeilHitler.  Such actions are most unacceptable and distressing.

  These demonstrators do not ring of sincerity.  The most appallinglack of human rights are prevalent in  eg Zimbabwe, the Arab countries,who promote no rights for women, gays, Christians, Bahais, and Lebanon who doesnot allow Palestinians freedom of where to work, live, etc.  Genuine humanrights 'carers' should speak out against  this, and alsop the shocking anddistressful situation of the Syrians.

I grew up in South Africaunder Apartheid, and I understand extremelywell what apartheid is...not thenonsense spewed out by Anti-Israeldemonstrators.   Israel is the only democracy inthe Middle East, which I, too have lived in,and have witnessed.

I strongly protest this hateful, inciteful anti-Israelboycott campaign in Vancouver, and as Canada has always been a strong ally of Israel,I urge you to take action to ensure that these activities cease immediately.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


LorraineWexler Isaac

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