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October 6, 2011

In all the years I've had Orli's cooking - never, ever anything that wasn't delish!


Coleen Holtzinger


RE: Rosh Hashana Sweet Potato Honey Cake

 3 Oct 2011

Well, the final report is in. Hubby thinks that the cake is great. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Shana Tova

Myra Gabor


To the Editor,

October 3, 2011 

My mother was a Holocaust survivor. A friend of mine mentioned that a book had  already been dedicated to those who survived. My mother has since passed away  and she is one of them. Herr passing was in 2005 in the evening  of  Rosh Hashana. 
I am saddened that I found out about this too late.Is there anyway that I am able to commensurate her memory in this  manner ? Thank you
Esther Haber

Editor's response: I think you are referring to the book  by Belle Millo, Voices of Holocaust Survivors.I will refer you to her.

To the Editor,
We are going to have a big exhibition in Winnipeg.
Biggest Annual Show. 50 visual, professional artists.
I am wondering... If You would be interested in disseminating information about this event...
The event is:   ART CONFRONTATIONS #12:
Costume Museum of Canada, 109 Pacific Ave
20 Oct - 5 Nov 2011
opening gala: Oct 20th 7 pm
Live Art Auction: (Closing gala) 5 Nov 7 pm
Jolanta Sokalska, glass + media artist, Winnipeg


Sept. 27, 2011


 That was a really, really fun read. Thanks so much. If you haven't received anything from the publisher by mid-October let me know and I'll track your review copy down.

Hope you have a chag sameach. Shana tova!

Pamela Reiss

Re: Soup, glorious soup!

September 27, 2011

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, there are few  meals as comforting as a big bowl of soup. However, many commercial canned soups are full of sodium and processed foods. Making soups from scratch is an easy way to enjoy  soothing, seasonal flavours while keeping track of what's going into your body.

 After years of travelling and sampling food all over the world, kosher foods expert Pam Reiss decided to write a cookbook that fused the warm comfort of her baba's soups with the exotic flavours she had discovered. In this updated  edition of Soup: A Kosher Collection, Pam has added 20 new soups, full-colour photos, and nutritional information for every recipe.
 Let me know if I can send you a copy!
 Debby de Groot



September 25, 2011



I apologize for bothering you with this but I'm really not quite sure where to turn...


My grandfather, Abraham Rich, was a Winnipeg businessman who produced and sang Jewish music on the radio in Winnipeg during the 1950s.


I am not quite sure what station might have archives of his show, which I think was once a week...


But if you can suggest anywhere or anyone where I could target my search, I would be most appreciative.


Thank you,


Andy Rich



September 25, 2011


Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund Is the Latest Israeli Institution to Sponsor  Project HEART JERUSALEM

Project HEART announced today that Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund has become a Project HEART sponsor. Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund joins the rapidly growing list of over 200 worldwide Jewish institutions that have joined together to support Project HEART.

“The addition of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund as a Project HEART sponsor demonstrates the far-reaching support that Project HEART has received from over 200 Jewish institutions located worldwide,” stated Project HEART’s Executive Director, Bobby Brown. Added Brown, “The support of these institutions is essential toward reaching our mutual goal of achieving redress for Holocaust victims and their heirs whose property was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold by the Nazis or their allies.”

“The support that Project HEART is receiving from worldwide Jewish institutions emphasizes the importance of Project HEART’s efforts and is integral to ensuring the overall success of the project as we move forward from identification of eligible participants to advocating for restitution on behalf of those participants. We fully expect additional Jewish institutions will join in this important movement and become Project HEART sponsors in the months to come,” stated Project Director, Anya Verkhovskaya.

Launched in late February 2011, Project HEART seeks to identify Jewish Holocaust victims and their heirs worldwide whose families owned real estate, movable property, immovable property, or intangible personal property that was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold in countries governed or occupied by the Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era. The only limitations for application is if restitution has been made to a victim or the victim’s heirs for that property after the Holocaust era; then that person or their heirs are not eligible for further restitution in connection with that property.

To participate in Project HEART, individuals need to fill out the Questionnaire that may be found on the Project HEART website:

Book about the Jewish Calendar "LaKol Z'man: A Poetical Journey Throught the Jewish Year."

September 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

 My name is Yossi Huttler. I have recently published a book about the Jewish calendar entitled "LaKol Z'man: A Poetical Journey Through the Jewish Year."
It has received favorable reviews from the Forward, the Intermountain Jewish News, and other online publications. I would like to know if you accept books for review in your newspaper. If so, may I send you a copy to consider for review? This book should be of interest because, among other reasons, its subject matter is relevant to your readership, particularly as we approach the High Holidays and a new Jewish year. Moreover, works concerning the Jewish calendar and holidays have wide appeal and should be attractive to your readers.
May you have a ketivah v'chatimah tovah -- a favorable inscription and seal for
the new year.
Yossi Huttler
340 N. Edinburgh Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

To the Editor, 

> Sep 23, 2011

 Ottawa, ON - Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, released the following statement today:

> "For more than four decades, the international community has endorsed only one path to Middle East peace, based on many years of binding UN resolutions and signed agreements. This framework requires direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians as the sole way to resolve the conflict, through a peace accord based on two states for two peoples. Every Canadian government since 1967, regardless of political party, has supported this international consensus.
> "The current Palestinian bid at the UN rejects this blueprint entirely, by unilaterally attempting to create a state of Palestine without peace with Israel. We are pleased that Canada has taken a principled stand with President Obama in opposing this initiative on the basis that it will create neither peace nor a Palestinian state.
> "Here in Canada, we are also encouraged that a cross-party consensus has developed calling for a return to bilateral talks as the only way forward. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs strongly supports this position, and urges the Palestinian leadership to accept Israel's offer to begin negotiations today without precondition."
> The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is the voice of the organized Jewish and pro-Israel communities in Canada, including for those issues formerly handled by the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canada-Israel Committee, and the Quebec-Israel Committee.
> For more information, contact:
> Steve McDonald
> Associate Director, Communications
> The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
> 416-953-4417

FW: Israel Ministry of Tourism - New Year Wishes

We wish you and your family a Shanna Tova and a sweet New Year. 

Next year in Jerusalem!

Oded Grofman           Ellen Melman            Jerry Adler
Israel Government Tourist Office-Canada
180 Bloor St. West STE 700 TOR. M5S 2V6416.964.3784

Open Letter to CTV.Re; Phyllis Bennis


September 23, 2011

I'm in the habit of keeping CTV on all day, as I'm working, as I'm cooking, and depending on it to cover what's going on, trusting that I will get an accurate, non-partisan, background, to issues I'm not familiar with.

The Israel/Arab conflict, I am very familiar with. If Phyllis Bennis is considered by your people as someone who thoroughly understands this issue, who can provide an un-biased 'take', then I can no longer trust CTV as my information provider and analyzer. Your experts in others matters may be similarly askew.
I don't mind opinions that differ with mine. But I avoid personal axe-grinding calling itself 'information'.
I'll be tuned in to a different channel until I hear that your news media department has corrected its bias.

New article in the Jewish Chronicle on Lithuanian Holocaust / Jewish issues

September 23, 2011

 Today is Lithuanian Holocaust Day. This is the day the Vilna Ghetto was "liquidated" in 1943, but is not generally known among Lithuanians. It does not even appear on the Wikipedia list of Lithuanian holidays, although Molotov-Ribbentrop Day, August 23, does. September 23 usually receives a few minutes on the evening news - after it's over.

For Lithuania's small population of surviving Jews, it seems as though the Vilna Ghetto liquidation is emphasised because it was carried out largely by non-Lithuanians. Many prefer a day such as October 29, when 10,000 Jews were killed at the Ninth Fort in Kaunas by enthusiastic Lithuanians, the largest one-day death toll in Baltic history.


Last year, Lithuanian politicians used the commemoration at Ponar, the mass-killing site near Vilnius, to unveil yet another paper initiative aimed at gaining favour from the international community and foreign Jewish dignitaries: that 2011 would be the Year of Holocaust Remembrance. This was hurriedly passed by the Lithuanian parliament. Within days, however, this became "2011: The Year of the Fight for Freedom and Great Losses", with much of the programme dedicated to honouring local Holocaust murderers, regarded as freedom fighters. How smashing the skulls of infants against trees contributed in any way to Lithuanian independence was not addressed in parliament, of course, just as it has never been addressed in society.

Events for September 23 this year made the news early.

In 2000, historian Algimantas Liekis published a book painting the 1941 pro-Nazi Provisional Government as heroic, and demanded Jewish Holocaust scholars "engaging in Bolshevik-style propaganda" turn over lists of names of Lithuanian perpetrators.

Unbeknowest to Dr Liekis, the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel had done just that: attorney Joseph Melamed, himself a Kovno ghetto survivor, compiled a list of Lithuanian police, military and "partisans" responsible for the mass murders. Melamed sent it to Lithuanian prosecutors, received no response, and published the material in January 1999. What ensued was not a search for Holocaust criminals. Some of the names on Melamed's list had been inscribed as national heroes in the stone facing of the "Museum of Genocide" in central Vilnius.
Instead of investigating the murderers, prosecutors last month used Interpol to get Israeli police to visit Melamed in Israel and interrogate him. The attempted prosecution of Melamed for libelling the dead follows Lithuanian government attempts to accuse other Jewish anti-Nazi heroes as war criminals - in effect for committing the crime of surviving.
Unexpected forces came to the aid of the diminishing numbers of survivors this month when Labour MP John Mann, Tory MP Peter Bottomley and Liberal Democrat Bob Russell tabled early day motion 2161 condemning the newest campaign against Melamed and asking Lithuania to investigate instead suspected war criminals on the list he submitted in 1999.
This week Yad Vashem cancelled an invitation to the Lithuanian minister of culture to attend a Vilna ghetto ceremony because of the new offensive against Melamed, now 86.
Geoff Vasil, formerly a Lithuanian journalist, is a senior analyst at


Set 22, 2011

To the Editor,       So, how was the chicken?

Aviva  Cohen [Editor's neighbor]

 Editor's response: My kids really liked the chicken you made from this new recipe book  and my son Dov asked me to make it but I can't since I gave the book to you-- a mistake on my part . We'll have to come over to get the recipe.  Also Dov said that you came over and got two eggs the other day. Please return them.

 Aviva Cohen: I did not take the eggs.

 Editor's response: This sounds like the chicken and the egg arguement. Which came first...

Re: Italy and Cyprus provide motorbikes to Palestinian Police

Sep 21, 2011

Ramallah--press release-Italy and Cyprus handed over 31 Italian made motorbikes to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) today to raise the operational capability of the police and enhance road safety.

Piaggio MP3 scooters will be distributed across the West Bank districts and will become part of the fleet of PCP soon. EUPOL COPPS had coordinated the donation of the three-wheeled vehicle.
The ceremony which was held in Ramallah’s neighbourhood of Al-Tiri, was attended by Deputy head of PCP Brigadier Jihad al-MUSEIMI and Deputy Head of EUPOL COPPS Sofie MORTIER in addition to Consul General of Italy and the Representative of Cyprus to the Palestinian Authority.
MORTIER said that the use of the motorbikes would allow police officers to get to accident scenes quicker “when incidents such as traffic collisions slow down the access for four-wheel vehicles.”

Alberto BONETTO, EUPOL COPPS’ Traffic Police Adviser, said motorbikes are more flexible and are the most adaptable vehicle to operate in pedestrian areas, rural villages and in other specific environments such mountain areas, typical from this country’s landscape.

- EUPOL COPPS Press and Public Information Office



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AIPAC Welcomes President Obama’s Support for Direct Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
 AIPAC Welcomes President Obama’s Support for Direct Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Calls Palestinian bid for UN statehood a “shortcut” that cannot bring peace
In his speech at the United Nations today, President Obama rightly acknowledged that genuine peace can only come about as a result of direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and “not through statements and resolutions at the U.N.”
The President echoed Israel’s call for an immediate resumption of negotiations when he stated that international efforts to bring peace will only succeed “if we can encourage the parties to sit down together, to listen to each other and to understand each other’s hopes and fears.”
 AIPAC appreciates the President’s “unshakeable” commitment to Israel’s security and his clear statements outlining the daily dangers and strategic threats facing Israel. President Obama demonstrated his understanding of Israel’s legitimate requirements when he stated that the Jewish people – in their historic homeland – deserve recognition and normal relations with their neighbors.
AIPAC also applauds the President for condemning the murderous Iranian and Syrian tyrannies and denouncing Tehran’s repeated calls to eradicate Israel and its “refusal to recognize the rights of its own people.”

Carving of a giant swastika into the side of a hill in edmonton, Alberta

Sept 21, 2011

Toronto - Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) condemns the carving of a giant swastika into the side of a hill in Edmonton, Alberta, noting the incident will add to the statistics bearing out the rise in anti-Semitic crimes across the country.

"As government and police reports continue to demonstrate, anti-Jewish hate is sadly increasing and it is up to all Canadians to be vigilant and to speak out against all forms of racism," says Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. "It is only through education and teaching our children the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides that we can hope to avoid the ultimate consequences of this type of vile  act," he explains.
FSWC is a Canadian human rights advocacy organization that works to counter racism and anti-Semitism and to promote human rights and social justice through education.
Media Contact
Stacey Starkman
Communications Manager
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies

High Energy Shanah Tovah !

Sept 19,2011

This is an upbeat Rosh Hashanna video to enjoy.  May we all be inscribed in the
Book of Life and have a wonderful, sweet, happy and healthy new year.


Sept 16, 2011

I very much enjoyed reading Elliot Leven’s article: Why Manitoba Jews should vote NDP. As our community has grown wealthier we have forgotten our roots and become indifferent to the needs of those in our community that do not have. We alienate the poor within our community. Many of our Shuls demand large amount of monies for High Holiday Tickets for example. We no longer have the kind of organizations that assist the poor in the fashion we once had (our Shuls are run as businesses).We attend them more and more for ritual purposes and less and less for religious purposes. As such we have lost the understanding and value of the humanity of Judaism.   As well we seem to have lost the generosity of our grandparents. Instead we subscribe to the notion of Social Darwinism-- The wrongful notion that believes in economic survival of the fittest: if you are not successful it’s because you are lazy. I have what I have because I am better than the next guy.

So the least we could do is vote for the party that cares for all. The New Democratic Party to keep Manitoba strong!

Assoc.Professor Alan Levy BA, MIR,LLM

Living Legacies - Canadian Jewish Women - Volume III - available now!

Sept 14, 2011

Living Legacies -A Collection of Writing by Contemporary Canadian Jewish Women - Volume III

Edited by Liz Pearl, M.Ed.      PK Press: Toronto, Canada, 2011      ISBN 978-0-9738040-5-8

This newest volume in the Living Legacies series is an original collection
of creative nonfiction writing by contemporary Canadian Jewish Women. The
authors include a diverse range of Canadian Jewish women from across the
country. Each author has a unique voice with a meaningful message to share.
This anthology includes legacy writing, mini-memoirs, essays and poetry.
Volume III includes the original foreword by Ina Fichman of Intuitive
Pictures as well as a new prologue by Iris E. Wagner of Memoir Productions.
The collection is edited by Liz Pearl and includes reprinted introductions
and indices of contributing authors from all previous volumes. For more
information about this publication or to order your copy please contact
<mailto:[email protected]> [email protected] at PK Press.

Thank you,

Liz Pearl, M.Ed.

Therapist / Editor

PK Press

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