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August 3, 2011

To the Editor,

I am shocked at the management of the Sharon Home. The managing committee is a self-perpetuating goup which has siezed power and cannot be dislodged. Please continue your efforts to restore democracy into Sharon home management. All members of the Jewish community who contribute to community funds should have a say in managemenet of community organiations.
I grew up in Winnipeg and left many years ago.

- Annette and Hershel Teich, 1455 Pope St. Windsor Ontario N9J 3R8

Re: Sharon Home Standards Review

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority's Réal Cloutier is quoted as saying "The WRHA's critical-incident review concluded improvements in communication were needed among staff and between staff and patients' families."
Seven nurses, and there was a lack of communication as to how or when to treat a 93-year-old woman for bedsores?
Is this a case of ageism? If a report has been generated by the Protection  of Persons in Care Office, we know there was "abuse." Why has no inquest  been called by the chief medical examiner? Why has Manitoba Justice not investigated?


I was truly impressed with the article that you wrote re the Sharon Home and the meeting held there. Some time ago I got involved with a group that was
attempting to bring about much needed change to the attitudes and methods  of the Sharon Home by attempting to meet with the Board . At that time I made the
decision to remove myself from the group for personal reasons, but continued to support anyone who would bring about change at the home. I , along with others
received a cowardly letter from some Board member offering to meet with me privately and dictating where , and what we could discuss as I think they were
all too afraid what they would hear and chose to keep their heads buried in the sand .. . I would like to ask publicly of the Management and board of
the Sharon Home in light of the findings of the Government investigation and subsequent results of neglect , To coin an advertising slogan  " Can you  hear
me now ". Too bad they could not protect an old lady and save her life. It is >  disgusting !They should all resign!!

- Robert Epstein

Re:Tarek Fatah Speech in Toronto

August 1, 2011

To the Editor,

Everyone should listen to this lecture.

- Nella Eskin

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1 Aug 2011

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July 18, 2011

Rhonda Prepes,
Thank you for sharing this article with me.  I am glad that you were able to inform readers of the great Mitzvot (good deeds) that Peter Jablonski (Nachman Fryszberg) z"l performed during his lifetime.  May we all learn from him how to be better human beings, and may his memory be forever a blessing.
In sympathy,
Rivka  Schiller
YIVO Institute for Jewsh Research in New York

RE: Article Deadly anarchy on the 'Freedom Flotilla

July 14, 2011

That is another silly article. So what if the author doesn't know the captain's name? (But the two names of people he quoted associated with the boat - Ruch and Rosenfeld - are Jewish).

Thanks to Israel's ability to collectively punish Palestinians, the world again knows about its outrageous attempts to enforce an inhuman and illegal blockade on the good people of Gaza. Yup, Israel and its loyal apologists make us Jews look like assholes once again. Keep it up, and you will succeed in achieving what anti-Semites have so far failed to do - give the world a factual reason to hate Jews.

-Scott Weinstein

Re: Sharon Home Standards Review

July 14, 2011

To the Editor,

Thank you for your article regarding the Sharon Home.

Please add me to the list to receive the articles.

Many of us who have loved ones in the Home have more questions than answers.

- Roberta Cantor

AIPAC Applauds Congressional Warning on Palestinian Aid

July 8, 2011


House Resolution Reaffirms U.S. Support of Israeli Peace Efforts
AIPAC welcomes yesterday’s passage of House Resolution 268 threatening to restrict U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if its leaders continue to evade direct negotiations with Israel and seek statehood at the United Nations. The measure also calls on President Obama to consider suspending American financial assistance to the PA as a result of its reconciliation with Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction.
Following last week’s passage of a companion resolution in the Senate, AIPAC appreciates Congress’s support of Israeli efforts to forge a lasting peace with the Palestinians through direct negotiations and without the threat of violence.
The resolution in the House -- introduced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) -- passed by an overwhelming vote of 407-6.
“We ask and call upon the Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiating table and join the Israelis in direct discussions to end this conflict,” said Rep. Cantor during debate on the House floor. “Furthermore, we call on the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to renounce the violence Hamas condones and teaches to its followers.”
Rep. Hoyer urged Palestinian leaders to refrain from “symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations,” arguing that “peace must be negotiated, not imposed from the outside.”
“Palestinian leaders will not achieve peace or prosperity if Hamas insists on a path of terror and rejection,” he added. “Palestinians will never realize their independence by denying the right of Israel to exist.”
The companion resolution in the Senate (S. Res. 185) passed last week by unanimous consent and was introduced. by Sens. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), Susan Collins (R-ME), Robert Casey (D-PA), John Thune (R-SD), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Jim Risch (R-ID).
RELATED: View the full text of House Resolution 268 and Senate Resolution 185.


July 7, 2011
Ottawa, ON – On July 7th, Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA), issued the following statement in response to the publication of the final report of the Canadian Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism:
“We are gratified that the Coalition’s report identifies a line beyond which criticism of Israel loses all semblance of fairness or reason. Such criticism is nothing less than an assault on Israel’s legitimacy as the homeland of the Jewish people. The report is therefore a significant document not just for Jewish Canadians, but for all Canadians. For as history has repeatedly proven, a society unsafe for Jews is ultimately unsafe for democracy.
We Canadians have every right to criticize particular policies of the government of Israel, our democratic friend and ally. But as this cross-party report confirms, we must recognize the denial of the Jewish people's right to a national homeland as a modern version of a historic hatred – a disturbing new form of Anti-Semitism.
The Coalition’s report also verified the fact that many Canadian campuses have become a hotbed of toxic discourse and intimidation. The vulnerable position of students who support Israel – both Jewish and non-Jewish alike – must be confronted directly and without delay.”
The Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) is now the spokesperson for all issues concerning the organized Canadian Jewish community, including those formerly handled by the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canada-Israel Committee, and the Quebec-Israel Committee.
For more information, contact Steve McDonald at 647-270-8072.


CJPAC Putting the Camp back in Political Campaigns

July 7, 2011
For Immediate Release

TORONTO - Throughout July and August teenagers from summer camps across Canada will participate in Politics FTW - the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs
Committee's program to engage young Jewish Canadians in the political process. "Politics can seem distant and difficult - especially to young people. This
program makes politics accessible and fashionable so we can foster the next wave of engaged community members," said Rachael Segal, CJPAC's National
Outreach Coordinator.

The program, which will visit camps across the country, simulates a real election campaign and thrusts campers into key campaign roles, helping them better understand the impact that each of them could have on a campaign. CJPAC then offers each camper the opportunity to get involved on the campaign of their choice when they get home.

"With provincial elections expected in up to 8 provinces, we're working harder than ever to ensure our community is engaged - and that includes encouraging
volunteers," commented Mark Waldman, CJPAC's Executive Director. "Political involvement is crucial for our community at all levels of government, and we hope to see our community continue to participate as passionately as they did during the federal election."
To learn more about CJPAC or Politics FTW, including a list of participating camps, visit<>

For photos or more information including specific camp information:
Tomer Chervinsky, Director of Marketing & Communications
email: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>
phone: 416.929.9552 x234

Re: Current Issue of Winnipeg Jewish Review

July 6, 2011

To the Editor,

Well done as usual.

David Kilgour

Subject: Reid: Passage of Cardin-Collins Reaffirms US Dedication to Israel

June 29, 2011

Following up on today's news about the passage of the Cardin-Collins resolution, I wanted to pass along this statement from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid...Kind regards, Ari
- Ari Goldberg
AIPAC Spokesperson • Director of Media Relations

For Immediate Release
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
CONTACT: Jon Summers, Reid, 202-224-2939


Washington, D.C.– Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement today following passage of the Cardin-Collins resolution:

“I am pleased that the Senate unanimously passed Senators Cardin and Collins’ resolution, supported by 88 bipartisan cosponsors, which says a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should come through direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. If peace talks are to be fruitful, the Palestinians cannot bring to the negotiating table a terrorist organization that rejects Israel’s right to exist. A fair beginning to good-faith talks also means the Palestinians cannot simply stop by the negotiating table on their way to the United Nations to seek recognition as a state.

“The United States of America will not give money to terrorists bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. America’s willingness to continue our current aid program will depend on the Palestinian government’s insistence that Hamas recognize Israel’s right to exist, that it renounce violence and that it honor the commitments made by prior Palestinian Authority governments.”
- Ari Goldberg
AIPAC Spokesperson • Director of Media Relations

SUBJECT: Relationship between hostile anti Israeli media and the global increase in anti-Semitism

June 30, 2011

Dear Ms Spivak,

I have been referred to you by David Bedein.

The attached cartoon is a response to the anti Israeli reporting of events around the Mavi Marmara last year and in anticipation of the impending ballyhoo surrounding the Freedom Flotilla 2 Farce. It emphasizes the direct relationship that exists between a hostile anti Israeli media and the global increase in anti-Semitism.  The metaphors used  make the connection between historic anti-Semitic imagery and modern day anti -Israeli images published in the liberal British press.

You are invited to bring it to the attention of the public.

If you require further clarification about the cartoon or the imagery behind it , please mail to [email protected]

Best Wishes
- Eli Lowy


Subject: Activate your "Israel Muse Portal" email subscription

June 29, 2011 
You either recently requested an email subscription to "Israel Muse Portal  - News & Information On Israel" ( or someone 
you know referred your email address to this site.
Israel Muse is a central source for News & Information relating to Israel and the Jewish world. We are a non-profit organization that is trying to improve the image of Israel to people around the world by delivering factual information about Israel and the Jewish people.
We can't wait to send the News & Information updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately:
(If the link above is not clickable or does not open a browser window when you click it, copy it and paste it into your web browser's Location bar.)
Please invite your friends to also join Israel Muse Portal by going to this address:
If you do not wish to subscribe to our News & Information updates then please reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the body of the reply.
Thank you!
- Israel Muse

Re: Rhonda Spivak's article: "First Hand Account: A Balcony With A View"-Palestinian Refugee Camps And UNWRA reform

June 25, 2011 

If you visit the Rammalah Palestinian refugee camp which is located in downtown Ramallah, you will see a process of gentrification of what is an urban slum. To preserve the householder's rights to the original home in the camp, multi-story houses are built above and astride the original walls of what was once a mud brick house.
Spivak wrote that: Dr. Tal Becker, an International Associate of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told me that Israel 'behind the scenes has tried to encourage [donor] states to channel aid they give to the PA towards the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank' [i.e. new homes for them] but Israel’s 'efforts so far have been unsuccessful.' "
I do not know how much has changed, but when I was a technical adviser to the Canadian government that was then gavelling the multilateral refugee talks in the early nineties, we explored the proposal to shift aid to the Palestinian refugees directly through the PA rather than through UNRWA since that was to be the de facto government of Palestine and the refugees were to be Palestinian "citizens". We were not so surprised that the PLO then opposed such a shift for two reasons; a) they would be surrendering the political leverage of "refugee return"; b) they calculated that less aid in total would come to the Palestinians than if the aid was going to two different institutions. Thus, though it would mean that the education, health and welfare system would have become more rationalized and coherent, politics and irrational economics of aid stood in the way. However, we were very surprised to learn that "at that time" Israel also opposed diverting UNRWA funds to the PLO because less aid would be coming to the region and some authorities in the Israeli government believed that Israel would in the end have to pick up the slack.
In ethnic and religious conflicts all around the world refugees have not returned unless by force or stealth. However, Elliot Abrams is incorrect to claim that they have been resettled. Though many have been resettled, millions of such refugees have wallowed in protracted refugee situations for decades and have NOT been resettled. The Palestinian refugee case is just the one of longest duration and the largest one.
- Howard Adelman
Howard Adelman is the co-author of the very recently published "No Refugee, No Return" (Columbia University Press) and of many other books and articles on refugees.

Re: Current Edition of the Winnipeg Jewish Review

June 23, 2011


Thanks for the kind words.

- Jack Cipilinski


Dear colleague:

Earlier today, you may have received an email purporting to be from me regarding an AIPAC statement on the Gaza flotilla. Please be advised that the message was a hoax and potential hack of our systems.

This is not the first time this has happened, nor will it likely be the last. One way of determining the inauthentic provenance of the message, as you may have noticed, was the author’s misspelling of my name along with the name of a member of Congress. Of course, we are investigating this incident and will take all appropriate measures to prevent it from happening again.

Kind regards,

Ari Goldberg
Spokesperson • Director of Media Relations
AIPAC-America Israel Public Affairs Committee

Hello Rhonda as discussed the First Nations Voice will reprint your story [Iranian Dissident Speaks Out on Behalf of Neda,His Slain Fiance] in our July issue as part of our Front Cover.
Also please send us a photo of yourself for future stories.

Alan Isfeld, First Nations Voice

Editors Note to readers: The story being reprinted by the First Nations Voice which has 90,000 copies of its print edition, which first appeared on the front page of the Jerusalem Post earlier this year can be accessed by clicking here:,_HIS_SLAIN_FIANCEE


Re: Canadian Boat to Gaza: A Dangerous Political Stunt

In anticipation of the upcoming flotilla to Gaza, in which a Canadian vessel is slated to take part, the Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) has launched a micro-site to inform Canadians about the truth of this reckless initiative.
As we all know, the ultimate aims of the flotilla have nothing to do with providing real assistance to the people of Gaza. Rather, this is about staging a violent, high-profile confrontation designed to isolate Israel on the world stage.
The flotilla micro-site is designed to provide you with background material, original research, and up-to-date information as the situation develops. It will also include a number of innovative infographics, to enable you to share critical data in a compelling and creative manner. The site can be reached from the homepage at or directly at
Judy Zelikovitz
National Manager, Community Services
Canada-Israel Committee

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