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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Amazon Dots the Landscape with Hate Material

October 23, 2013, TORONTO -- Jewish human rights organization, B’nai Brith Canada, is asking Amazon to remove Nazi paraphernalia and Holocaust denial material from its online store.

“All the equipment needed to create a neo-nazi hate club is unfortunately available online through such outlets as Amazon’s online store,” said Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada. “Items on sale include the book Did 6 Million Really Die, once featured on the Zundel hate website, Nazi Armbands and Flags which are oddly located under the Patio, Lawn & Garden section. Since some of these items would be stopped at the border as hate propaganda material, we should question why Canadians who might be looking to promote hate are able to so easily purchase them online.”

“We have written to Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO, in the hope that Amazon will show its corporate responsibility seriously by establishing clear policies regarding hate material and act without delay to remove such items from their website immediately.”

For more information please contact: Sam Eskenasi, Communications Officer at or [email protected] 

Re: Information on Adolph Bieber
Do you know of any place I can find information  on Adolph Bieber circa 1881.
I have found out thru Manitoba archives that he was the original owner of my house on Gertie St.  in 1881, which he had built for 3500 dollars a tidy sum at the time and he was speculator and a  dry goods merchant.
He was instrumental in helping  Jewish immigrants to Winnipeg.
I did find out he had 2 daughters and a maid from Finland.
I am restoring the old house, and have reopened the butlers stair (or back stair) as they were sometimes referred to.
and was looking for some history on Adolph, and his life here in Winnipeg.
The house is a fascinating 2 and a half story  late Victorian.
and I have managed to save and frame original wallpaper and  vinyl  flooring from  when it was new.
any information or pictures or hyperlinks  you might have would be greatly appreciated
- Donald Brown

Re: Forgotten Story of Old Synagogue in Zurich and the Day Jews Were Expelled

Dear Rhonda:

I was fascinated by your article on the old Zürich synagogue, and the background story of the Zürich Jews.

I lived in Zürich from 1961 until 1967, whilst studying chemical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The “Altstadt” was my favourite place to visit because I could forage in the old bookshops...

I know EXACTLY where you were, and I could kick myself for not ever having delved deeper into the story of what lay before my eyes!  Therein lies the difference between a chemist and a journalist!  LOL

Well...  As long as we are sharp and investigate chemical processes, I guess that it is OK!

A big hug from Buenos Aires,

Steve Goldschmidt

Re: Article What the Heck is A Shiteiren
Dear Rhonda,
My father, Dave Kaplan, keeps me up to date with the Winnipeg Jewish seen by sending your review and the WJP.  I was reading your story on Shiteiren (the word caught my eye!) and I wanted to bring to your attention a minor correction in your story in relation to the sentence..." opposed to a groat (coin) or fruppence which is the traditional name of a long defunct English silver coin--leading me to write down in my notebook "Thou shalt not mix a buckwheat groat with a fruppence").
The word fruppence actually should be thruppence which denotes three pennies in old english currency.  The english have a habit of pulling words together from how they sounded on the street. So street merchants ended up calling three pennies 'Thruppence', and two pennies 'Tuppence'.
Nowadays folks use the term Thruppence to say that something is very cheap to buy i.e. Don't worry, that toy for Jack cost thruppence.
Best regards
- Myles Kaplan
Surrey, England

Inquiry: JTA news coverage of Abbas and the Palestinian Authority

Attn: Ben Harris, News Editor. JTA

When Abbas was at the UN, JTA chose to run a headline which took Abbas’s declarations for peace at face value:  “Abbas to U.S. Jews: Culture for peace better now than in 2000s”

Since that time, our agency has provided JTA with a series of proclamations that have emanated from the PBC, which operates under the direct control of Abbas, which contradict any sense of a “culture of peace”.

Source of the research for this reportage of PBC output is

These PBC statements include:

Fatah: Suicide bombers are “Palestine’s illustrious women” . Two female suicide bombers who together killed 3 and wounded more than 130 have been presented by Fatah as role models. (Oct. 8, 2013)

PA award to writer of poem that includes words "Zion is Satan". This is the fourth time that the poem has been broadcast on PA TV. (Oct. 6, 2013)

Fatah praises terrorist shooter of 9 year-old.  Fatah's Facebook page glorified the shooter as "the sniper of Palestine" who "left the signature of [real] men." (Oct. 6, 2013)

Abbas glorified terrorist Abu Sukkar, in speech read by Rajoub PA memorial glorifies terrorist Abu Sukkar, killer of 15: "[He was] the most noble among the noble... Fatah lost a beacon" (Oct. 3, 2013)

Why has JTA chosen to ignore the official statements of the Abbas and the Palestinian Authority which glorify murder of Jews and stand in contrast to a “culture of peace”?


David Bedein, Director Cetner For Near East Policy And Research


Opening of Shalem College in Jerusalem October 6, 2013

Jerusalem, October 8 …Shalem College, the first institute of higher education in Israel based on the American model of liberal arts study, held its opening ceremony on October 6 at the Kiryat Moriah campus in Jerusalem.  The inaugural class of 50 students will receive significant subsidies to immerse themselves in an ongoing intellectual conversation based on great texts of Western civilization and Jewish tradition.  Committed to pluralism and an open debate of civil discourse, students represent the diverse cross-section of Israel, including, according to Senior VP Daniel Gordis, "those who live over the 'Green Line' and those who will not cross over the 'Green Line'." Former Minister of Education Gideon Saar encouraged the study of humanities and intellectual thinking, telling Shalem students "not to be afraid to swim against the tide". David Messer, Chairman of Shalem’s Board of Governors, said the Shalem students will “provide an investment return that is infinite—a vibrant future for the State of Israel and its people.”
For further information or to set up interviews please contact Laura Kam at [email protected] / 054-806-8613


Aliyah 2 Day website

Hello everyone ,
I am proud to inform you that a new website is being launched
The website is called Aliyah 2 Day (as in make Aliyah doday!) and it aims to serve the Jewish community worldwide.
What is Aliyah 2 day?
It is a special platform for Olim and people that are just considering Aliyah or made Aliayh and would like to share their stories, important information, tips etc. The site also provides a unique opportunity to meet people that are in the process in order to form a network.
Please join us and support us by:
Spreading the word between members of the Jewish community abroad.

Becoming a contributor: tell us your Aliyah story, share your thoughts, expectations, photos etc. Or write articles that might interest our audience.

Send us news and updates relevant to the Aliayh issue such as new rules, benefits, programs etc.
Visit us at
Or contact us at [email protected]

Best Regards,
Dvora Shifman

Etz Chaim Statement Re: Talks Between Etz Chaim and Shaarey Zedek

Hi Rhonda,

Please see below our response to Rabbi Green’s comments during Yom Kippur:

Due to the aging demographic issues that are becoming more significant and common across North America,  Congregation Etz Chayim is in the process of developing a future plan for the continuity and vibrancy of our Shul.  It is our understanding that Shaarey Zedek is going through a similar process.

One of the options we are investigating as part of this process is to determine the feasibility of a partnership/amalgamation with Shaarey Zedek.  It is also just one of the options that SZ is investigating as well.

This investigation involves looking into what areas the two congregations might have in common, what areas would need bridging and in essence what a combined congregation might look like.

We want to make it very clear that neither party has made a commitment to amalgamate.  At this very preliminary stage it is an investigation not a negotiation.

Upon completion of this investigation, We will be reporting back to our membership the findings of this and the other options that are part of this future planning process.



Jonathan Buchwald

Executive Director

Congregation Etz Chayim

123 Matheson Avenue

Winnipeg, MB  R2W 0C3

e-mail: [email protected]


P: (204) 589-6305  F: (204) 582-0246

Re: Editorial-Rabbi Green's Sermon, GrayAcademy and Holiday Programming
I believe the first step to be taken here  is to send out a community-wide questionnaire, asking questions at both ends, I.e., who would send/take their children to such a program, if it existed, and who would volunteer to assist as instructors, facilitators, assistants, etc.  initial After School Programs run by the Y.M.C.A. for the Toronto Board of Education used a ratio of two volunteers to one paid person. This pattern worked very well.
Simone Cohen (Scott)

Re: Editorial re: Rabbi Green's Sermon and Holiday Programming and Jewish Education/Gray Academy

This is a great idea--long overdue.  However, the synagogues would need qualified Jewish educators to undertake this. This would mean hiring adult educators, with graduate degrees in Jewish education or something related to it, who could plan consistent programming with good content.  Nearly every Jewish movement has an academic arm that offers this type of degree. ..For instance, both HUC and the American Jewish University offer these kinds of degrees. Why isn't Winnipeg interested in hiring Jewish Educators with graduate degrees to educate our children at synagogues, camps and after school federation activities? What about Rabbi/educators or Jewish Educators to run real religious school programming for kids who do not attend Gray Academy?  This community is missing an important opportunity to formally educate its youth by assuming anyone who is interested will simply sign up for Gray or a bilingual elementary school. Consolidation has not worked for everyone.  A parent who is interested in other educational opportunities like the international baccalaureate or French immersion programs is left with very little in the way of options when it comes to after school religious education.  (I believe Temple Shalom has a program, but are they the only one in town?)

Further, it is wonderful to have teenagers as informal educators at synagogues, but why are they left in charge of junior congregation, etc, on their own?  Why are we expecting our teenagers to do something that is done by adult professionals in other Jewish communities?

Just my thoughts as someone who is relatively new to Winnipeg and concerned about educational options here.

  • Joanne Seiff

Re: Jewish Gravestones/ Lynn Roseman's Project

I was thankful to find your article online about the index of gravestones in Canada.  Last January, I buried my 83 year old partner of 10 years, with the most generous help of our Rabbi and synagogue, Temple Beth Or, Everett, Washington.  Barney Gorenstein, my partner, was Canadian by birth, and his parents were buried in Winnepeg, as I recall.  I was wondering if you could link me up with someone who could find pictures of their gravestones, so that I could have a similar marker made for him.

Barney's parents:  Sonia (Sarah) Gorenstein
                            Wolfe (John, I think) Gorenstein
Thank you for your attention, and for any help you can provide.  Please pass along this email to anyone who can help me.
Pam Lonergan

Re: Report From Nuremberg: A Crucifix in the Courtroom

You do not have to go to Germany to see crucifixes. In Quebec they seem to be in every public space including the legislature.

In Winnipeg take a walk through St Boniface Hospital. The majority of the monies to run the Hospital come from the provincial government, yet the Hospital has crucifix all over the place. The same is true for all the Christian Colleges at U of M. They are also run by public money.

My point is lets look in our own back yard before pointing fingers elsewhere in the world. It is certainly clear we live in Canada in a Christian society. Meaning all Non-Christians are a minority in the country. There are times as Jews we need to be reminded of this.

There needs to be further dialogue on the issue. Only by understanding each other better will we see  the commonalities between ourselves. I teach a course at Brandon University on Diversity and Business in Canada. It is the only diversity course taught in a business program in Western Canada. All are welcome to monitor the course if you wish.

Professor Alan Levy, Brandon University

Professor Levy is also a speaker on the topic of Diversity/ Human Rights/ Dispute Resolution and he has lectured on the topic in Israel ,UK, USA and Australasia. He has mediated many diversity disputes including in Israel.



Toronto, Canada - September 23, 2013: August 2013 set a new all-time high for Canadian tourism to Israel with the arrival of 6,106 travelers, an 8% increase compared to the same period last year.
Approximately 2.3 million travelers from around the world arrived in Israel between January and August 2013, a 7% increase compared to 2011 and 6% more than 2010.
"We are thrilled to have seen an increase in Canadian tourism to Israel last month despite recent regional turmoil," said Ami Allon, Consul for Tourism, Israel Government Tourist Office - Canada. "And we look forward to welcoming many more first-time and return travelers to Israel this year to explore our country's stunning assortment of historic sites, modern attractions and natural landscapes.
El AL Israel Airlines and Air Canada currently offer daily nonstop service from Toronto to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport with connections available from major Canadian cities coast to coast. 
For more information about tourism to Israel, visit


Hi Rhonda,

My wife and I are visiting our grandchildren and missed Kol Nidrei/Yom Kippur at our shul. Thank you for your excellent coverage of the updates provided by Rabbi Green and Brent Schachter. You nailed all the issues clearly and (undoubtedly) accurately. Keep up the good work.

Shana Tovah,
- Brian Pauls


Toronto, Canada - September 16, 2013: Residents and travelers to Tel Aviv can now access free WiFi connections in 80 locations throughout the city as part of a new project initiated by the Tel Aviv Municipality. Voted as one of the "Three Most Innovative Cities in the World" by the Wall Street Journal, Tel Aviv-Jaffa now provides free WiFi access in 80 major locations around the city, including the city's Mediterranean promenade, Park Hayarkon and Old Jaffa, as well as Dizengoff Square, Hilton Beach and major city streets.
Users can access the free WiFi service on a computer, tablet or smart phone with a bandwidth of at least 20 MB.
For more information about tourism to Israel, visit

For Immediate Release: Quebec Charter of Values is Unconstitutional

Montréal -- The proposed Quebec Charter of Values breaches fundamental freedoms enshrined in both the Canadian and Quebec Charter of Rights according to B’nai Brith Canada. The Jewish human rights organization finds it completely unacceptable that the government is choosing to ignore the fundamental rights and freedoms of minorities in Quebec. Instead of promoting equality and justice and seeking a better society for all, the proposed Charter of Values discriminates against persons of faith and transforms them into second class citizens. 

“The Charter of Values discriminates against religious minorities by denying their right to religious expression,” said Me Allan Adel, National Chair of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada. “This is one of the most unconstitutional moves a Government can make - the very notion that the Government will be in the business of deciding what constitutes a ‘large and conspicuous’ religious item is simply ludicrous.”

“It is most surprising that the party of Rene Levesque, who was extremely sensitive to the condition of Quebec minorities, would choose to follow such an unjust path. Quebecers and indeed all Canadians must be allowed to exercise their fundamental right of religious expression. We were pleased to see that the Federal Government has indicated their preparedness to mount a constitutional challenge. The League, with its proven record of defending human rights, is prepared to intervene should it be necessary.”


For more information please contact: Harvey Levine, 

514-733-5377 x127 or [email protected]


Re: Rosalind Marmel's Reviews

Dear Editor,

Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy the reviews written by Rosalind Marmel.  She has such an entertaining way of reviewing plays,shows,etc!


Albert Mindel


As the High Holidays begin, Catherine and I want to extend our warm wishes for a happy New Year to all Canadians who are observing Rosh Hashanah.

For Jewish families, this is a time to come together to reflect on the past and celebrate with hope and optimism the year to come.  For all Canadians, this is a time to recognize the important contributions of the Jewish community and celebrate the shared values that make our country stronger.

The entire NDP family joins Catherine and me in wishing you and yours a peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year.

Shanah Tovah!

Statement by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on Rosh Hashanah

OTTAWA “ The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, made the following statement today on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah:
As the Jewish community here in Canada and around the world marks Rosh Hashanah “the Jewish New Year“ let us join in celebration and reflection.
It is at this time, as the High Holidays begin, that we give thanks f or our good fortune during the past year and consider our shared history and traditions.
Community service and social justice have long been pillars of the Je wish community, and on this occasion I am especially reminded of the enduring contributions that Jewish-Canadians have made to our society.
On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada, our Parliamentary Caucus and my family, I wish you a healthy and happy Rosh Hashanah, and a year filled with hope, peace and renewal. Shana Tova U Metukah!

Announcing New Historical Novel about Caribbean Sephardic Jews

Spy Island is an intriguing new historical novel that is perfect for Jewish book clubs. The novel explores the little-known Caribbean Sephardic Jews that colonized such places as Recife, Suriname, Curacao, St. Eustacius, Jamaica, St. Thomas, and Panama. The novel was painstakingly researched and focuses on the plight of a Sephardic girl from Panama whose life is in upheaval at the height of WWI.

The Story:

In 1916, after the death of her parents in a railway accident along the Panama Canal, Abigail Maduro, a Caribbean Sephardic girl, is forced to leave her home in Panama and travel to the Danish West Indies to live with her Aunt Esther, a melancholic spinster, and her household of eccentric West Indian servants.

When Abigail arrives in St. Thomas, she finds herself on the receiving end of her aunt's vicious tirades, but basks in the love and warmth of Nana Jane, her housekeeper. Unbeknownst to Abigail, the island of St. Thomas is a hotbed of German spies and saboteurs under the leadership of Lothar Langsdorff, the German consul, who is using his Hamburg-America Line steamers and secret wireless radio to aid the Kaiser's war effort.

While out running an errand in the synagogue, Abigail stumbles into Erich Seibold, a stranded sailor, and is unwittingly hurled to the center of the conflict. Erich claims to be a merchant sailor but Abigail discovers that he is really a deserter from a German U-boat. Abigail hides Erich in the basement of her house and soon, friendship blossoms between the unlikely pair. When the island's German consul, Lothar Langsdorff, also discovers Erich's identity, he blackmails him into committing sabotage and murder.

After a melee involving the Danish governor, Abigail risks everything to save Erich, but can she stop Langsdorff's spy ring before they succeed in launching a German invasion of her tranquil island? Action and adventure abound in this colorful historical novel that brings to life Sephardic Jews in a fading West Indian sugar colony in the last days of Danish rule.

Spy Island is available on 76841413&sr8-1&keywordsspy+island

A Book Club discussion guide is available upon request.

Best Regards,
Rachel Bodner

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